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Passports and Panic II

I know you guys are wanting an update on this whole passport scenario. So I’m actually recording this episode the morning before our trip to the Dominican Republic. And I have good news! We all have valid passports that are good for at least six months after our date of … Read more

Do You Have High Functioning Anxiety?

Today, we’ll talk about high functioning anxiety. I’m kind of embarrassed I haven’t brought this up before because it’s something that I’ve had for a long time, but I didn’t realize what it was until more recent years. High functioning anxiety can show up commonly with ADHD, which I’ve been … Read more

A week in the life…

Hello there. Today, I am going to be giving you a peek inside of my week, I have recently been asked by several listeners to tell them about how I fit in what I do around raising my four kids and, you know, just all all the other things, how … Read more

What Does It Mean To Forgive?

Jordan asked me a question the other day about forgiveness. I thought that it was really cool that he asked me what forgiveness was and that he wanted to know more about it. Yeah. Because it really made me think about it. Because I think that forgiveness when you’re older … Read more

Get grounded with crystals

I’m a huge fan of grounding and the idea of really getting, your feet into the ground and absorbing that earth energy and allowing it to help you heal and transform. But I do not often find opportunities to get outside barefoot for long periods of time. so when I … Read more

Why I Don’t Watch TV

Sometimes I feel like the total odd man out because I just don’t watch TV.  I don’t watch the news much. I haven’t watched any TV Series in full or in part in years, and I kind of just don’t care anymore.  And I feel better for it now. I’m … Read more