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5 things you need to know if you want to be emotionally free

Five things you need to know if you want to be emotionally free. Hi. I’m Theresa Lear Levine, master EFT practitioner and life coach. And these are five things worth really integrating into your life and getting a handle on.

#1 you are not your emotions. You feel things. But they’re not you. They’re not who you are. You are experiencing them.

They’re not you. Okay? Whatever it is that you’re feeling, you are not sad. You are not angry.

Need to understand. It is an emotion that you’re experiencing. And it applies to the good emotions too. It’s an emotion you’re experiencing. You are love.

You are a divine creation. You experience these emotions, okay? They’re temporary. And they’re not what you are.

#2 Blame is a waste of time. You can’t blame people all day long. It doesn’t change anything. I always tell my kids to stay in your own lane. They love to point out what he did or he did. Or he did it that way. Or well, he got away with it.

No… Blame is a waste of time. All you could ever do… Like I said, hamilton, I am the one thing in life I can control.

I am inimitable. I am an original. Uhuh, wait for it. Right. It’s the truth.

I mean, sure, something’s might not be your fault, but if you actually want to have a life you love, you’ve got to take responsibility for all the things and figure out how and what you can do to change things and make them the way that you want them to be. What’s in your realm of control?

What’s appropriate for you to even attempt to exert control over? Take it from there. No blame. Alright,

#3 And this is one that I see a lot in the work that I do with emotional freedom technique. You know how when you’re thinking about something, you get that [buzz] kind of feeling.

Yeah. That is an indication that there is a blockage in your energy system that something’s not processing through. And it’s almost electrifying in and of itself. That feels like you.

And sometimes it’s like I don’t wanna talk about it. I don’t wanna think about it… Sometimes I think about this… I have a slight for your height. It’s way better than it used to be.

Thanks to tapping. And when I think about, like stepping towards an edge sometimes or like one of my kids getting close to an edge or something, sometimes I could even be sitting right here with no edge near me and none of my kids near me and no imminent danger anywhere.

But just thinking about it. I will, and you’ll see me like if I was doing it and i’ll just be sitting there and be like a normal time, that is, i’ll just like that, just thinking about it.

And that’s extreme because it could be a lot less extreme than actually like that physical reaction, especially when nothing is even happening. But that is a signal of an emotional blockage. So when you feel that you gotta work to do. Okay?

Pay attention to it. Don’t shove it down and bury it. Work to get it out and get rid of it. Okay? And that is the work and the beauty of EFT.


#4 if you avoid the work, there’s just going to be more work to do. Okay?

I know that when you get started working on yourself, and ourselves. We’re all we’ve got to work on. You know, it’s not our job or due to your place to change our spouse, change our kids, change our neighbors, change our friends, change our siblings, change our parents.

All we can do is work on ourselves. So when you’re working on yourself, I say that sometimes people think like, oh, you do all this personal development. Don’t you care about anybody else?

I care about everybody else. That’s why I work on me. Because that’s the only thing that I can change and make better. And when I do that, my relationships with everyone else get better. Okay?

It’s not selfish at all! And it’s hard work and it’s meaningful work and it’s fulfilling work. And at the beginning it can feel like a lot of work.

Okay? And that alone could just make some people just stagnate where they are, you know, pointing fingers at other people and complaining and, you know, not forgiving and not moving on and just weaken their power here and leaking their power there and not ever being right here. And you know, I can’t change them.

All I can do is change me right here. And if you avoid that work, you’re just gonna have more work to do. Okay? It’s kind of like… This happens to me all the time because I have a adhd so oftentimes when I wanna learn a new skill or I wanna do something to just, really, like move forward in my life, whether it’s in my business or parenting or my marriage or something with my health and fitness, and I have to slow down in order to accelerate.

Maybe I need to do a course or something. In order to get the result that I want and I have to invest several hours into doing that in order to get that result.

And it could be really hard for me to slow my brain down because what I really want to do is what i’m gonna be able to do after i’m finished that course and I can’t do that right now, so I actually have to… Kind of sit with my discomfort and sit with that and take in the information in order to be able to make those strides.

So sometimes you totally do. You have if you avoid the work, gonna have more work if you don’t ever take your foot off the gas to just take it in and allow it to happen.

You can’t put your foot on the accelerator because you won’t have the right fuel in order to get where you wanna go anyway. So that’s #4..

#5… This is important and this is a biggie too. You have got to learn to accept love, forgive and have gratitude for yourself and others, because when you can’t get to those places, it’s really hard to grow and move on.

And I know that there’s plenty of people that have situations that they feel like they just cannot conjure up forgiveness for whether it’s they can’t conjure it up for themselves or for others.

But I promise you there are ways to get there. And I know that there are many situations that feel like there is no way to accept this. There is no way to move forward…

But the way forward is through acceptance it is through forgiveness. It is through the gratitude for the good things in your life and everything else like that.

And those were 5 things that definitely if you integrate them and put them to use in your life, you will find yourself in a much more emotionally free place.