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The Ultimate Advice for anyone trying to Avoid Dealing with their Past

Today we’re gonna go back in time and figure out what is happening to affect your present time and why dealing with our past is really important.

You know, so many people just try to shove down things that happened in their past and just file them away like they don’t matter anymore. But likely, it’s still coming up and causing issues in your present.

And so it’s really important to realize. Yes, you know it’s over with. It’s done because it is in your past and we’re now in the present time.

But that doesn’t mean that your body or your energy system is handling it that way. Oftentimes you could have something that happened to you. As a child, as a young adult, last week, wherever in the past. In the past, it was a pretty large space.

But if it’s something that you are still reflecting on and getting like that feeling like something’s not right or you’re feeling just horrible. When you think about it, then your energy system is handling it like it’s happening right now. And you’re getting those same feelings as you had back when it happened.

Even though it is over and done with, your body hasn’t gotten to that place. Your energy system hasn’t gotten to that place, and that’s why it’s really, really important to go back and deal with it so that it doesn’t keep affecting your present life. Because it shows up and affects you in the three key areas that we all care about. Our relationships, our health, and our wealth.

And sometimes it’s things that you don’t even realize are a problem. I mean, you might be thinking as this thing happened to you when you were a kid and, you know, no big deal, whatever, but you keep thinking about it. You keep coming back to it.

You’ve got to explore that. You’ve got to see what’s there.

It could be the very thing that is affecting your relationship with money. It could be the very thing that is affecting your relationship with your spouse or your significant other or it could be the very thing that is holding you back from getting your health where you want it to be, and we have to become more mindful of our experiences and how they’re playing into our current moment, because right here right now is the only place we have any power.

But when those past experiences are weighing on us, then we’re leaking our power into the past.

We have no power there. It’s over. It’s done with. We do have power right here and right now. And there are so many ways that we can get into your past and eliminate those negative responses that weird kind of buzz in your energy system, that kind of just makes you feel off and we can reframe, re-imprint the things that are bothering you.

I’ve worked with a lot of people that have had really crazy, crazy stuff happened to them in their lives. Traumatic things, violent things, just horrible, horrible things that you wouldn’t wish on anybody.

And we can still find a way to reframe it so that in the present time, your energy system and your brain don’t feel like it’s happening to you right now and it’s a hard thing to understand or even imagine until you do it and go through the process with, you know, a professional doing some EFT work together.

But it really does make more room for rationality and logic and that separation that is necessary for you to be and stand and live within your power in the present moment without that past experience owning the day instead of you.

So I encourage you if you have things in your past, big or little. I mean, it could be like a movie you watch when you were a kid that haunts you, doesn’t even have to be something that happened to you.

But if you have those things that come up and you think about them, you know, maybe it’s a past relationship. Maybe it’s a divorce.

Maybe it’s people you can’t forgive. Maybe it’s just some weird situation that happened. Maybe it’s a crazy thing that happened in your life, I know I had to deal with issues that were going on in my psyche from our house being burglarized when I was in fourth grade, you know?

But I told myself for years like happened when I was in fourth grade, you know? But I was still having those security issues come up in my present time. I had to deal with it.

It doesn’t have to be like a crazy, crazy thing that happened. I worked with tons of people that have very normal lives, and very normal childhoods.

But maybe there was this one time that their parents yelled at them that just really crushed them. Or this time they lost something that really mattered to them.

And maybe it was just a few dollars little toy, but it crushed them. You have to pay attention to what’s coming up in your energy system.

People always say to me, I don’t think what I have is big enough to deal with, or I probably don’t need to work it out. It’s no big deal, but it’s a big deal in their energy system, and it’s a big deal in their life, and it keeps popping up over and over again, so that’s kind of enough to quantify and qualify it as something that you need to work on.

So I encourage you. Don’t shove down your past. Yes, it’s not happening to you right now, but it is. If you’re not dealing with it.

It’s affecting your health, your wealth and your relationships, and all of the meaningful areas of your life. Take the time. It’s like I say so often. Sometimes you have to slow down and reflect in order to be able to take that next big step forward in order to be able to speed up, in order to be able to accelerate, in order to be able to make progress, and it’s not always fun, and sometimes it’s uncomfortable, and sometimes it’s downright painful.

But it is worth going through that work in order to get to the other side and understand and feel what it is to feel normal within yourself within your energy and to really be able to call that power back into your body.