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Then, I discovered some strange and powerful ways to become realigned that allowed me to feel more clarity, peace, and calm than ever before….even during chaotic and unpredictable times…

I remember only a handful of years ago where my panic, anxiety and overwhelm ruled that day.

Literally, from the moment I was consciously awake, my heart would race, my chest would tighten and I would feel inadequately prepared to meet the day’s challenges.

I wanted to hide.

I felt separate from source and abundance.

It affected my self confidence, my energy, my attitude, and my enjoyment of life!

No matter how dedicated I was to getting unstuck and feeling better, managing my life as a whole just seemed like too much….

I might be okay for a short period but that first bump in the road would set me right back to square one and feeling awful all over again like some sort of emotionally blocked groundhog day.…

I couldn’t break the pattern or feel present in my life and it sucked!

I actively looked for solutions and devoured personal development books, seminars, and podcasts…..and though I learned a lot, felt validated and even had some valuable “aha” moments, I always felt that the action steps needed to get to my desired outcome of feeling peace, calm, focus and clarity in my life were foggy at best…..

so I remained consumed by chaos and totally stuck.

Then,  as I persisted (I’m stubborn like that!), I discovered how I could literally reverse my self sabotaging ways with methods that actually removed my blockages and delivered me to that elusive promised land where inner peace, calm and clarity had been hiding from me for so long….and that’s when things started to really get awesome!

I thought about that time of self discovery and used the process that helped me so much to  create a self assessment that I’ve been using with my private clients for awhile now.  It’s called “The Mompreneur’s Guide to Taming Generalized Anxiety Disorder