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How to drastically improve your emotional health without having to find the perfect therapist

Have you ever just wanted to find the right person, the right professional, the right life coach, the right psychologist, counselor to talk to so that you would have somebody to bounce every problem of your life off of and feel like you have a partner in crime with accomplishing your goals and eliminating your issues and everything else?

I know I have felt that way often. So many times in my life I would come up against something… parenting, marriage-related, business-related, health-related, whatever it might be.

And I would think gosh, I just wish I had a session with that perfect life coach or counselor that could really give me what I need to make the most of this.

And I neglected to realize that I already had all the answers within myself. I guess I just hadn’t developed that gut instinct, that intuition, that confidence.

At that point, I didn’t realize that even as someone without that, I had the power to gain that.

So I just wanna bring up some of the things that come up when we’re looking for that right person in our life to work with.

It takes a lot of time! There are tons of life coaches and therapists and counselors out there, and depending on where you live, you’re kind of limited to that area. If you want to see them in person.

With the pandemic going on, a lot of them are doing their appointments by zoom or telehealth. And that means that sometimes you could get a greater range of distance for people. But also, sometimes they won’t because they wanna be able to see you in person when this is done.

How are you gonna do your appointment? They’re gonna zoom. Are they gonna be in a person who’s the right fit for you? How long are the appointments going to be? How long do you need to wait to get onto their schedule? And it’s like you can learn a little bit about your therapist life coach person that you’re trying to interview and see if they are the right fit and they’re gonna wanna interview you too, you might not be the right fit for them.

But you’re gonna have to wait for that initial appointment to come together and see. And how long are you gonna wait for that? Likely they’re not going to have availability.

The same day, next day, that week, next week, you’re probably gonna be waiting multiple weeks or even multi months to see somebody because their calendar’s gonna be pretty full.

And then how long is gonna be until your next appointment? Maybe you kind of get into a regular schedule, but it’s probably only going to be once a week for 45 minutes.

And that is not a lot of time to move mountains. But think about what you could do if you were able to work on yourself and have that empowerment and that confidence, even just for 10 or 15 minutes a day and how much more progress you could make, especially because you know yourself the best. And it takes a lot of appointments.

If you’ve never met or worked with somebody before… For you to feel comfortable enough, tell them your core issues and then for you to feel confident that they’re actually helping you to resolve them.

And sometimes you just kind of say, screw it and you just want to just like i’m just gonna tell my mom or a friend or whatever. Talk it out.

But while ranting and having a conversation about things is a really valuable tool, it rarely ever resolves the issue. And it’s the same thing with a lot. And there are plenty of really good therapists and life coaches out there that are better at this than some.

But a lot of time you’re going in, you’re talking, you’re getting some sympathy and empathy, but you’re not really getting an action to take and a way to collapse it or resolve it.

And you’re wondering, hey, you know, is there anything that’s actually gonna change? Is that worth coming back next time? Am I getting anything out of this?

Or am I just losing the drive time to get here? Or you know the time… I have to get a babysitter maybe, have to set things up, even if you’re doing like a zoom call from home.

Like if you’ve got kids and stuff you still need to arrange for, like, quiet time and space for yourself to do this and everything else. There is a time, commitment, and inconvenience to have to do that.

And when you can take it into your own hands, you can make some really, really drastic progress with your state of emotional health.

And that is why I fell in love with EFT and became an EFT practitioner. Because I figured if people are gonna want to spend the time with me doing things, I want to be able to give them results like legit results from day one session one first, 45 minutes right out of the gates, whether or not they felt comfortable to tell me everything or not.

I want to be able to deliver that. And it does because it clears your energy blockages and it helps to restore balance and normalcy in your system. And it gets your brain talking to you in a different way. It gets you reacting differently.

It lowers cortisol, the stress hormone. And so many other things. And then I fell in love with the idea of being able to teach people how to do this.

Because what’s better than not only being able to work with somebody who’s gonna be able to get to your results? But to be able to get yourself results and boost that confidence, that self-esteem, that ability, that healing power, that inner spiritual gangster that just knows that you could do more if you have the right tools and that it really is. It’s why when I discovered it, I fell in love with it and just ran with it because nothing has healed me, helped me, or inspired me the way that tapping has.

And I definitely encourage you to look into it more. If you want to take more of your own emotional health into your own hands into your own realm of power and be able to really, really control and produce the results that you want in any area of your life.