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What to do when inspiration strikes

We all have these divine signs, these moments of lightbulb “aha” in our life and so oftentimes it gets ignored.

I like to think that these moments are both divine and also a lesson in how to use and hone your own intuition. So, inspiration can come in so many ways.

It sounds cliché, but like in the shower or even in the bathroom, and I’m just having my own time to primp and prep and take care of myself might be like washing my face or putting on my moisturizer or, you know, washing up in the shower. And I get these ideas!

I really need to be mindful of them and consider them.

It’s often like when you wake up from a dream and you know that you only have a short period of time after you wake up to write that dream down or to remember it, or to tell it to somebody else. Sometimes, if I don’t have a pen and paper nearby, I’ll tell my husband or my kids. I think I had this dream last night and they’ll remember it better than I would. I might forget it, but a week later, I could be like, you remember what that dream was that I had last week?

They’ll remember it! You can’t count on that in all situations, and you should never count on anybody else to hold your dreams of the overnight type where your big dreams in life for you or nurtured for you.

But sometimes, it’s a helpful tool to share it both for them to remember it and also for accountability and following through with it. Not that you’re following through on a dream that you had at night.

Sometimes you are. Sometimes you get some great ideas for life or something that you’re working on, or something that’s meaningful to you in the middle of the night.

But I’m just kind of using that as a metaphor. Also, we look for signs in our life and we have to listen to those things. You know, if we’re gonna ask for something like that from the universe and then we’re going to keep ignoring it, the universe is going to be like, “look, I keep giving you what you’re asking for. You’re not doing anything with it. ” so it’s either gonna clump you on the head with something else, or it’s just gonna give up. It’s gonna be like she’s not even listening to me.

She asks for this and she does nothing. When we were in the market for our home that we purchased a few months ago, I asked for signs as we were going through the thought process of purchasing as we were touring and looking at listings and all of that.

Repeating numbers and rainbows was kind of my theme of things that I asked for, and that’s things. I ask for signs a lot of the time, but that was when I started asking specifically for the universe to show me those two things, and you would not believe how many repeating numbers and rainbows I saw during the three-month span that we were prepping our house to sell and getting ready to buy another house.

Gosh, it was less time than that. We really cranked it out fast. But some of them I wanted to ignore, and I had to tell myself, “Theresa, this is you asking for the sign.”

You’re getting the sign. You have to figure out what it’s meaning each time that it comes up. And each time that it’s showing itself to you because this is here to help guide your intuition.

So when you get that great idea when you know you’re in the middle of your day and oftentimes it’s not convenient when these things come to you.

And that, I think, is why so many people just push it aside like I’m doing the dishes or I’m taking care of the kids or, I’m driving or whatever these ideas are coming to you.

So you have to find ways that are safe and effective. Keep track of them because if your goal is to be divinely inspired if your goal is to receive communication and guidance from a higher power or the universe, then when it is coming to you, you cannot ignore it. You can’t say that you want it and then do nothing with it. Okay?

So you have to be able to slow down or at least have something in line. Maybe it’s a voice memo on your phone so that you can keep emptying the dishes or taking care of the kids or driving safely and you can just spout out like, hey, gosh, I had this great idea come to me right now, and it is, and just voice it. Voice to text is great.

If you have the time, sit down in a journal I often say, when great things are coming to you, you have to slow down in order to make progress with them. You have to take the time to listen and take it all in. And believe me, as somebody with ADHD, that is always going a million miles an hour, that is hard to do.

I have had to really be vigilant. I have had to remind myself that slowing down… to do this is exactly what speeds me up. It’s exactly what allows me to be more and do more and be fulfilled and feel like I am living on point and on purpose.

Okay? Because I ignore those higher power messages for the dishes. What message am I sending back to the universe and the higher power about what matters to me?

It just doesn’t work that way. So take the time when you are feeling inspired to put that inspiration into some kind of format where you can revisit it, grow upon it, reflect on it, pray on it, meditate on it, and be fulfilled by it. And you’ll find yourself having even more inspiration and even more guidance come to you because you are listening and you are being a good steward of that guidance that is coming to you.