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3 minutes to bring love, peace, gratitude and clarity to the rest of your day

This is something quick and wonderful to begin your morning infused with peace and love that will nurture your whole day ahead in a positive way.

Let’s get started! Take a few deep breaths. And I ask you to really give the words and vision…

Imagination is more than just what I’m saying in the words. As we go, you can close your eyes or gaze out the window or look at a beautiful picture image, whatever feels right to you…

Whatever is around you. Now, if you’ve tapped with me before, you know we usually do a sequence. But today this is gonna be more meditative and relaxing so we can just flow with this exercise.

So today, instead of a bunch of different tapping points, we’re just going to focus on our collarbone point. So you can use all of your fingertips, even your thumb, and just lightly but firmly tap the area of your upper chest below your collarbone.

Let’s start. It’s a good morning and I’m grateful for the gift of this new day. I’m surrounded by good things and abundant blessings.

Love surrounds me. Love is above me, below me and within me. It helps to drown out the fear and uncertainty in my life as I choose it and make a habit of it.

I am safe and protected as I align with love. Peace surrounds me. Peace is at my left, at my right and it flows through me, above me and below me. It gives me an inner quiet that allows me to strengthen my faith in the good. Light is all around me and within me.

It radiates from me. As I begin this day, I let go of time so the universe can show me the way. There’s so much guidance and clarity available to me when I slow down and just listen.

I am listening and feeling the vibrations of gratitude, love, peace and light that I am surrounded by. I call these things into my being and invite them to stay with me always.

Now take a deep breath, stretch, roll your shoulders and feel all that peace, light, gratitude and love that you’re surrounded by. And if this helped you to have a positive beginning to your day, please share it with a friend or a loved one… Comment below.

Tell me what it is you enjoyed about it so that I can create more awesome tapping meditation videos for you in the future. Thanks for tapping with me and have a wonderful peaceful day!