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Sometimes you’re sitting in your car alone and that’s when it hits you. that there’s really not possibly a better time to work on your clarity, on getting clear on something.

And tapping is an awesome, awesome way to do that. so I want to guide you through this tapping exercise that is intended to help you get more clear on the things that perhaps you are resisting clearing.

Okay? and here we go. just repeat after me. follow the leader. you know how it goes. and if you want to learn more about what we’re doing and why there’s other videos for that.

But this is about you getting clear. so the first thing that you want to do is you want to rate on a scale of 1 to 10 what your resistance to getting clearer looks or feels like to you, how resistant are you to it?

And then maybe we are a thing to consider. because sometimes we don’t realize that we’re resisting it. if that makes any sense. and we just think that we have this fog or we have this dis clarity and why is it there?

And we don’t realize that we are always afforded the guidance of the universe and source and that it is always available to us. and when things do not seem clearer and they seem all fumbled and jumbled up.

It’s because we’re blocking it. and that can sometimes not be a pleasant thing to have to realize. but it is something that you can work out. so here we go side of the hand, even though I feel unclear and I often don’t know what to do.

I choose to deeply and completely love myself. 

even though I sometimes just don’t want to let go of this lack of clarity because it means i’ll need to take action and i’m resisting that, I love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though I lacked clarity and focus and I don’t know what my next steps might be and I say I want to get clearer but I actually fear that for some reason I love and accept myself as well as anyone else who may have contributed to these blocks.

All this lack of clarity. I just don’t know how to proceed. I feel like i’m in a fog. I have all these ideas but I can’t decide on what should be done next.

I have input from others. I have advice but I don’t seem to be willing to trust my own internal guidance. i’m just not clear on how to put it all into action, what’s going to be best.

So I feel really unfocused sometimes. I just don’t want my purposes. I feel like everyone else knows there’s and I should not mind what if I get clear and I fail or people reject me or they don’t approve of what i’m doing.

Yeah, I want to move forward. but it’s scary. what if succeeding means people’s expectations around me will change or their feelings about me will change.

Sometimes it just feels safer to stay in a fog or to remain confused even though deep down, I don’t think i’m confused. I think I always know what the right thing is. even though I sometimes feel disconnected from it. I have blocks and limiting beliefs about gaining clarity and I want to clear those blocks all the way back through my past from the time I entered this world as a baby.

Up through this very moment. I want to clear my negative associations with any of the times I felt I didn’t know what to do. clearing times when things didn’t go very well or when people said things that I didn’t like.

Just the fact that I can clear these energetic blockages helps me believe that I can clear this fog in my brain too. it’s okay to figure things out as I go. it’s okay to lean on inspiration and intuition as I work on the fear and the doubt that remain.

I am ready to let go of the resistance and the feeling that getting unclear, getting clear is somehow unsafe. I am ready to allow more clarity into my life and let go of the worry and the fear and i’m definitely ready to stop feeling stuck.

I am choosing to be clear headed and decisive right now because I have brilliant ideas and a reliable connection to universal support and i’m ready to get moving inside your thumb.

I’m choosing to allow clarity to shine through because it’s already in me and I am tired of dulling its presence with tolerance, compassion and gratitude.

I’m letting go of the resistance and allowing myself more clarity of mind, body and spirit because i’m here for a reason and I have important work to do. take a deep breath in through your nose now through your mouth, open up your eyes and look straight ahead.

And I want you to look hard down to the right and back up to center without moving your head, look hard down to the left and back up to center.

Imagine a clock on the wall in front of you and look straight up to the 12 hand and then I want you to go clockwise in a circle all the way through the clock. don’t miss a number.

And then counterclockwise, starting at the 12. then I want you to home and count 12345 and home again. now take another deep breath in and release it.

Release the fog, release the feelings of resistance to getting clearer and allow for that guidance and that clarity to come into you. I hope that helped.

Don’t forget to reassess your level of resistance to clarity and see how much it shifted and keep tapping to peel back more layers and to lower that even more if there’s still work to be done.

You may also want a journal or write about things that came up for you during that or statements that I said that really resonated with you are brought up. other things for you have a wonderful day and keep tapping.