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Feel Like You’ve Tried Everything for Weight Loss?

You guys might remember a couple of months ago, 10 weeks ago actually, I started doing this health bet where we were tracking different vital activities that contribute to better health.

And I just finished up the other day and I was sharing my results with the people that I am doing it with and I figured why not share them with you guys too?

It was a different approach for me than I normally take because I didn’t do one specific program. I really got intuitive about what I was doing and gave myself more grace than usual and allowed my strength to come through in different ways.

And I also did a lot of addressing of energetic blockages that I felt were manifesting its physical symptoms and also as unnecessary weight in my body. so it was a different approach than i’m used to doing. but the same workouts have always gotten me great results and i’ll let you take a look.

And when I say, we need to address the underlying emotional causes, the energetic causes, I mean that, it can be easy sometimes to lose weight or to eat right for a period of time, but when you end up reverting back, when your actions and beliefs stop lining up, there’s reversals there that need to be adjusted.

It’s almost like you have your batteries and backwards and if you don’t adjust that correctly, you’re just going to have the same thing happen over again that got you where you were and you’ll find yourself digging out again. so like for me, addressing emotionally underlying causes, like shame and guilt, not feeling like I ever should have let myself get to that point because I am a health and fitness professional and you know, how can I be in that place and helping people does that make me an imposter? does that make me a fraud?

Those kind of feelings will eat you up. so you have to release them. an important thing to realize is that this is continuing. i’ve just kind of ramped this up and dialed in on this and i’ve had a bunch of people to do this to to break big breakthroughs with weight loss and things. so getting to really focus on doing it for myself and not somebody else was really a treat also.

Um but the results that you can get when you combine eft with whatever exercise and nutrition or lifestyle changes you’re making the move things in a positive direction are astounding.

And it really improves every area of your life, not just the scale. I mean, who cares about the scale? honestly.

Like it’s the combination and the culmination of things that really makes a difference in our greater lives. but if you’re interested in exploring this, reach out dm me, i’d be happy to like discuss how this could help you in your particular situation because everybody’s situation is different and everybody’s struggles are different.

But EFT can work for anybody’s struggles in anybody’s situation.