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Get grounded with crystals

I’m a huge fan of grounding and the idea of really getting, your feet into the ground and absorbing that earth energy and allowing it to help you heal and transform.

But I do not often find opportunities to get outside barefoot for long periods of time. so when I take a walk, which I normally do with shoes on, I like to grab crystals, whatever ones that are calling to me at that time, and walk with them and absorb their energy because they have that earth energy also.

And I can also be very selective about what’s feeling right in my energetic space that day. I have a bunch of crystals in my home and office and I just look them over and pick up the things that feel right. Then I hold them in my hand while I walk or I put them in my pocket if I want to be able to move my arms more so that there at least up against my body. I’ve been known to put them in my bra or something so that they are actually next to my body but wherever you can get them close to your body is good enough. And it’s just like earthing, only different.

So, for those of you who might be like me that and not have the opportunity to get outside with your feet directly on the earth and ground, you might like to give this a try.

Grab quartz, citrine, an amethyst, rose quartz, or whatever feels uplifting, healing, protective or grounded to you at that time.

Call in whatever energy you feel you need to bring into your life and give that a try.

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