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A week in the life…

Hello there. Today, I am going to be giving you a peek inside of my week, I have recently been asked by several listeners to tell them about how I fit in what I do around raising my four kids and, you know, just all all the other things, how all the pieces fit together.

 So I’m just going to kind of open up my schedule and talk about my week with you. And I, I’m more so hope that this allows you to get to know me a little bit better. And also to see that wherever you are, there’s always, you know, there’s a next place on your journey that maybe you’re not even aware is coming. I know that there’s so many places that I plan to be getting on my journey in the next year. And so many things that when I look back a year from now, it’ll be weird to think that I didn’t know them now, or that I hadn’t done them as of right now. And all that. And I love that I love just realizing how open and vast and limitless what we have laying before us can be. 

And so yeah, let’s let’s look at my schedule and try to bring it down a notch from the theory kind of a light and airy, seventh chakra way of looking at what we’re doing and where we’re at into more of the day to day. But I promise I’ll probably have problems keeping it there. Because I kind of go through all the levels. 
And I love looking at things at different levels. And I think it really helps to give perspective to things. So I am recording this on a Sunday morning, my husband just left to take the kids to religious school are two middle children. 

So that’s Jace, my eight year old and Jonah, my 11 year old, our 11 year old eight year old. And he’ll be gone for about a half an hour in order to take them there and back. And he has my four year old with him and my oldest is at his dad’s for the weekend. So right now I’m alone in the house. So despite having many things that I want to get done today, on Sunday, I realized that this is quiet time that I can record a podcast uninterrupted and not have to worry about any kind of interruptions. So I pretty much have pressed pause on everything else that I’m doing in order to just kind of bust out a couple of episodes while I have this sacred time and really good focus. 

And time is something I have worked really hard to get diligent around, especially in recent years, because I don’t know if it’s that I have ADHD, or just that time gets away from me. But I have realized that a lot of the things, beliefs, stories I tell myself about time are just bad. And I don’t have to be the person that’s always late, or always rushed, trying to get something done at the last minute, or any of those other things I can actually be prepared, I can actually be on time, maybe even early. 

And I can feel like I have enough time. And that is really all up to me. And what I’m allowing to happen in between these two ears of mine. So I’m going to use this time really well right now. So the rest of the day today. Like I said, it’s Sunday. So we’ll just have Jordan here with my husband and I once he gets back from drop off. And that’s usually when we do our weekly powwow. So that means that whether it’s while we’re doing something else that we can multitask doing, or whether we need to sit down and talk, we figure out what the week looks like. 

So my husband’s actually going to be doing some traveling this week, and so am I so we’ll need to figure out who needs to cover what or what duties we’re kind of handing off to the other that maybe you know he usually does that I’ll be doing or I usually do that he’ll be doing fill each other in look at the calendar and also just catch up on things weekends are usually when we put aside things that could wait. 

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the sundae basket. If you haven’t looked it up, it’s a program that you can access into podcast. Also, I believe there’s like a one episode podcast or something, maybe it’s a few episodes, I don’t know, by I believe it’s Lisa Woodruff. And she has this great organizational system that I have adapted and kind of continue to adapt in ways that work for me. 

But if you have trouble with time management, and you know, getting distracted or hopping into other things, when you want to be focused on something else, or you know that that’s really the best thing to be focused on for your desired outcomes. And yet, you kind of self sabotage by doing other things, or allow other people’s urgent matters or little non important things that are easy to do to creep in. The sundae basket technique is pretty cool. So basically, if it can wait until Sunday, and it doesn’t have to be Sunday, it can really be any day or any time of the week that works for you. 

Even if it’s different from week to week, you just write it down, or you put it in like a literal basket. And then on the day that you choose, you come back and you kind of organize all those things and figure out how you’re going to do them, plan them into your schedule for the coming week, do them at that time, categorize them, maybe there’s a bunch of follow up phone calls that you need to make or something so they’re all together. And then when you have a little pocket of time, you can knock them all out because they’re similar things. It’s that kind of thing. 

But it saves me a lot of time when I do that. So today I look at our list. And I realize you know, there’s some things I need to do with like receipts for the week, there’s some things I need to do with the things that bill on a recurring basis for me or subscriptions that I have to different software’s or apps or things that run my business that I need to take care of. I need to figure out the holiday gifts today for us is the last day of Hanukkah, we celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas. 

So we have to figure out the gift giving for both and who we need to get what for and all that for the kids. And then I do the shopping for my mom for the kids. So I just work with whatever budget she wants. And then I make sure everything’s delivered to her house that she has gifts that the kids want that are things that are compatible with their wish lists and their current desires. And it makes it easy peasy for her also. 

So trying to figure that out and make all the purchases for my own kids and husband and family and extended family. And all of that is something I need to just kind of get in a row now that Hanukkah is over. And I can just focus on the Christmas part of it. Now, there’s little things to fix, you know, like one of my kids key chains broke this week. And I need to find certain specialists to work with one of my other kids on something, and I have some products that need to get returned. 

And I need my husband to help me to put a hook on our laundry towers so that I can hang something on it. And I’m researching some new pots and pans that we want for our kitchen because we are overdue if anybody has any great recommendation, I have a few brands I’m looking at but open to recommendations. 

And just little little weird things. Yeah, like emptying the shop back of all the dirt and things that we vacuumed up the other day when we cleaned and sorting out the junk drawer by our junk drawers kind of like the sundae basket where it’s like if it’s like a little weird thing that you don’t feel like walking all around the house to put back. It’s in the junk drawer. But I don’t let the junk drawer just like stagnate. I go through it. Not all the time.

But every couple of months. And I’ve noticed in the last week or so the thing is not opening and closing very well which means it is full. So it’s just weird little stuff like that. Looking at the meals that we’re going to eat for the week how we’re going to organize that. Are the kids going to get lunch at school or do they want to take lunch? 
All the little things, but that when you look at them in advance make the week go so much smoother. You know who’s going to make dinner each night? Am I going to make it in my house is my husband going to make it unfortunately with our travel schedules. It’s kind of like whoever’s here is going to make it because we’re going to be kind of like, you know, ships passing in the night a little bit this week. 

But that’s okay, we’ll be together today. I have to go in later today to the Apple store because this computer that I’m filming this on right now, something’s up with a fan I think it is and it keeps sounding like a film projector. I took it in last weekend it had just been making like occasional pops and clicks.

They cleaned out the fan and now it is like full out film projector like when I open up my laptop and turn it on. It’s just drives me insane. 
At the same token, it’s not like a fatal error kind of thing. And the computer still works, but it’s annoying. So and when I filmed podcasts or I’m a guest on a podcast and I’m using this computer, that is not the kind of noise anybody wants to be hearing. So today is just a lot of setting up next week, right?

 And I always have digital calendars that I use but I like to write everything down and I feel like that helps my brain to process what I actually need to do and look at like okay, here’s that time pocket I have between this and this. This is where I can fit something in. It literally takes me an hour or two every week to figure out scheduling to make lists. to reorganize lists, and maybe someday I’ll discover a way to streamline it more. 

But I’m managing a lot of stuff, and an hour or two each week so that my day is go smoothly, ideas are productive. And I get what needs to get done every week is really not that much to give up. Sometimes the hardest thing for me though, is just Stopping, stopping to say, okay, as I create my schedule for the week, I’m not going to let myself start doing any of the things that are on it, I’m just laying it out, just laying it out not doing the things because it’s so easy when it’s just like a little thing, like, you know, send a quick message or whatever it’s like, I don’t want to write that on my list, I just want to do it.

 But there’s the whole, like, focus rabbit hole problem that I get into. So that’s today today is setting things up. Now, for the next three days, I’m planning in the Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, I’m going to be doing this, this three day kind of cleanse eating plan that I like to do every like eight weeks. 

And if I’m honest, I haven’t done it in several months. And I feel it and it’s showing up in ways that I don’t want it to. So I actually love this plan, because it takes so much thought out of what I’m eating during the day. And that saves me time. 

So I love it. And then I just worry about my kids are eating and my husband’s gonna be out of town for most of that anyway. So there won’t be any kind of like struggles of like him wanting to go out to eat, maybe like now I’m doing this plan or whatever, he doesn’t do it with me. That’s okay. So, eating wise, my next few days are pretty easy. And, you know, kids are happy with whatever I make them. 

And there’s plenty of things that I can make them that I don’t really want to eat. So that makes it easy for me to stick with this whole like refreshing of my gut and internal system and just feeling good. And I’m doing that right before I leave on Thursday to go have what we like to call our girls weekend, even though it’s my mom and my sister and I it’s more of a family mother daughter, weekend. 

And I’m sure that we won’t be eating the healthiest, but we usually pretty good. So we’ll be going to St Michael’s for Thursday through Sunday. Spa time fun fitness classes. We like to stay at the init Perry cabin, which if you’ve ever watched Wedding Crashers was featured on that beautiful, beautiful place and really cute town if you’ve never been to St Michael’s and you live in Maryland or Delaware or nearby.

 Definitely worth it for a weekend. And very, very relaxing but the in has awesome activities that you can do and just sign up for and I love the space in the morning. I like to get up early and still, you know, do some work and check in with things in the pre Dawn, you know, before sunrise time and have these gorgeous rooms where I can set up my computer, get a little work done and just watch the sunrise over the water. 

And I love it, you know, just have some tea and take it all in. It’s great. And I don’t know how much my mic is picking up but to hear my clock.

Anyway, we we have a clock that sings on the hour every hour throughout the year. And then we have this special clock that has little puppies all around the hours. And it’s things on the hour too. And I’ve intentionally set them a couple minutes apart so that we hear the one clock sing. And then we heard the other clock thing. 
But I always know when the hour changes around here, especially this time of year, the puppy clock only comes out in you know the Hanukkah and Christmas season. It was a gift that we gave my husband the year that we got our dog latke who’s a yellow lab who was a Hanukkah gift nine years ago. So it kind of reminds us of that and it’s festive. And all the little I think all the puppies have Santa hats on or something.

 So it’s intended to be a holiday clock. It’s totally cheesy. Anyway. So tomorrow, my husband will be going on the road. And it’ll be an early morning for me, I generally wake up 430 in the morning. And that doesn’t always mean I get out of bed at 430 I usually do though. And most mornings, I’m just like, it’s like I’m not going back to sleep like I’m just getting up. And otherwise I might lay in bed and do a guided meditation or something to start my day, I have recorded visualizations and affirmations that I listened to every day sometimes in bed but I usually prefer to do those when I’m up and I just have a little bit more energy coursing through my body and I can really kind of feel into the energy of what it is that I’m looking to bring into my life.

 So tomorrow my kids have school and Bill and you know, that just kind of takes up a few hours in the morning you know getting my oldest up is starts around six. And you know he’s he takes care of himself but I still like to be present. You know, sometimes he wants me to like make his morning bagel or help him you know, get a water bottle ready or whatever and I’m happy to do that. 

Give us a little time to chat. catch up and start the day together. And I do that for all of my kids. So I could totally stay in my office and have them be self sufficient and get ready for school. But no one on one time is limited. 
And I enjoy that time. And I want to give them that time. So, you know, from six to 630, there’s a high concentration on my oldest who’s normally the only one up other than me and getting him ready to get out the door for the bus. And then I have a half an hour between when he leaves and when my next one gets up. 

So if I’ve been intentional and plan my day, I can usually plan a few tasks that fit right into that time and get them done. And then my middle schooler Jonah gets up and normally from like seven to 740 is when we’re getting ready for his day. And I’ll normally breakfast with him make some toast I religiously except for what I’m doing the three day plan that I’m doing coming up, have a zekiel bread toast with raw honey, cinnamon, organic, chunky peanut butter and coconut oil. I just kind of slather them all together on my Ezekiel bread, I forget which one it is it’s the zekiel bread that has the orange wrapper, but not the low sodium. I have ridiculously low blood pressure. So I’m like all the salt all the time. And just low sodium stuff. I just didn’t taste like cardboard. 

So I eat with him, I get him out the door. And then I have if they’re not up already, because my my younger two are a little unpredictable. Sometimes they wake up at seven, sometimes they wake up at eight. Sometimes I have to wake them up. And they need to be up like Do or die by 815 Eight better. But sometimes I like to have a little more time to do things before the day really, really starts and I can’t turn back and I can be a little bit bad about making sure that they’re up at eight.

 But they get up they get ready. And if it’s Monday like it is tomorrow my little guy doesn’t have any school. So that’s we call that mommy and Jordan day. So despite the fact that I’m you know, podcast guesting tomorrow, on the Elisa, unfiltered podcast, I he’ll, he’ll be here, you know, he might make a cameo, who knows, but I have a few other appointments. He’s here, he’s he’s getting much better understanding and giving me space with that. But he’s for you know, and this is life. 

And that’s just kind of the way people I think have kind of just come to accept, like, you know what, sometimes there’s gonna be a kid while you’re working. If you have kids. If you don’t have kids, that’d be weird. But, you know, my kids need to have questions they need answered every now and then sometimes they’re impatient. Sometimes they just want to hug and I’m right here. So I don’t need to restrict them from that, when something’s really important. And I really need that time to myself, I make it clear to them, and 95% of the time, they respect that. 

And the rest, it’s just life, it’s just life. And I’ve gotten much better at just accepting that, and not being so rigid about it. So the kids will go to school Monday, me and Jordan will have our day together. And I usually try to kind of also do some more ketchup on Monday just kind of get the day in line, my assistants works Monday through Friday, during like the daytime hour, it shifts every now and then and she’s on the other side of the world. So it’s 10 or 11 My time till six or seven my time. 

And so I like to make sure Monday morning that she’s got good tasks prepped and ready and delegated to her so that she can have a good week and that she can be of service and helpful and productive. And sometimes that’s also easier said than done. 
But, you know, having this podcast recorded today means that tomorrow I get to handoff the audio and video to her and she will work on my YouTube videos and she will do all the things with it. This is this recording, doing what I’m doing right now is pretty much all I do and writing the show notes. 

Because all I do with my podcast, everything else I hand off to her and like an amazing angel of podcast creation, she takes care of the rest she makes sure it gets on the right platform. She divides things into things I can use on social media, she transcribes it and creates blog posts, it’s a freaking amazing. 

So I will make sure that she is set up for the week and ready to go, I will spend some good quality time with Jordan. And then my kids start getting home the oldest a little bit before three, the next one around 330. And then the last one comes home around 420. 

Which unfortunately during these these days that are so short during daylight savings time here and you know, Maryland in December, the days are getting as short as they get 21st will be the shortest day of the year. So it’s it’s like dark before 5pm Which is crazy. You know, he gets home and it’s like just go outside and play you only have a few minutes. 
So we usually have dinner on the early side and you know, usually between 530 and 630 at the latest and evenings kind of are like a runaway train. So I really have to be conscious that if I had intentions of getting anything specific done usually that it’s done before the evening, I participate in In calls for masterminds that are part of in the evening, sometimes, but a lot of times that means like one earbud in and a zoom call on. 

And if I have a chance to, you know, participate or ask a question or be, you know, a part of it, sometimes I’ll just have to say to my family, okay, hey, I’m just gonna run in my office for a few minutes and, you know, speak on this call, I’ll be out and, you know, five minutes, 15 minutes, whatever it’s gonna be. But the rest of the time I’m making dinner or I’m cleaning up the dishes or, you know, folding laundry, or we’re answering homework questions, or showering or whatever else the kids need our help with in the evening, and spending time together. 

So you know, my kids like the, to be able to relax and unwind, you know, watch some videos or a show together, or just chill on their own place. 
And video games, usually, that’s typically before dinner, they’ll usually like half an hour of like, video game time or something if their homeworks done. And, you know, it’s just kind of getting ready for the day. So in the evening, I take time to look at my list for the current day, take anything that didn’t get done, move it to the next day, or wherever it belongs, or, you know, cross it off, if it just doesn’t matter anymore, or whatever the case may be, and move on to the next day.

 So Tuesday, this week will be really a lot of the same. My middle schooler has early morning rehearsals has chorus concert that will be coming up the following week, which I’m really excited to go to we haven’t had a concert to go to in years since before the pandemic. So that’s gonna be really exciting. 
And he’s got a beautiful voice. And I’m really excited to hear him and his classmates sing chorus is mandatory for sixth graders. So he, he has to do it. But I’m really glad he’s doing it. And I think he’s actually enjoying it. So pretty cool. And Tuesday, my youngest goes to preschool, his preschool program is from nine to one. 
So by the time I drop him off, get home and get settled, I pretty much have from 10am until 1230 to work. So that is time that I am usually coaching people doing breakthrough sessions, really working in my business and getting to help people and serve and work with my assistant if we have things that we’re working on together, that kind of stuff. Two and a half hours goes by quick though, I pick up a little guy at one, it looks like Tuesday, I have a doctor’s appointment.
 So I see a doctor to help me with pain management issues that I’ve had for a while and really keep them under control. And he has some really good homeopathic and more natural approaches to things that I really appreciate.
 So, you know, I can feel right now that I have a lot of like tension in my neck and my upper back. So I know we’ll do some work there. And also I’ve had a lot in my, like my right hip has been a little tweak for the last few months, but it’s almost back. It’s like 95%. So we just we work on tuning me up and helping to keep the pain at bay as much as possible. So Jordan will go with me to that appointment. 

And then the rest of the kids will come home from school as usual. And we’ll only have a little bit of time that they’re all home before I need to leave and take my oldest to robotics. So he’s part of his Robotics Club at in high school and they meet for four hours twice a week, Tuesdays and Thursdays with a drop them off at 430 Pick him up at 830 He’s in the process of getting his license he’s 16 But we’re not there yet. 

So that’s fine we drop them off and pick him up and then I come home in between and I’ll be you know making dinner and getting lunches ready and participating in mastermind calls and getting ready for the next day much the same. And then Wednesday will be the last day of the the nutritional cleanse that I’m doing. 

And I believe Wednesday with my my assistants in the Philippines, so they honor the holidays there and that’s actually a day off for her because it’s the face of the Immaculate Conception. So on Wednesday, I won’t have added help like I normally do. 

And in a way that’s actually good because I need to since I’m going away Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, I really want to be able to like load her up with a lot of good stuff to do on Thursday and Friday. So I’ll have Wednesday to kind of allow things to accumulate to put things together and then really have a lot of great stuff that she can do while I’m away on our girls weekend. 

So Wednesday is the day that my youngest goes to school for the longest he his program normally goes nine to noon but they have an extended day option and he stays until three so on Wednesdays I normally do a lot more coaching. I do a lot more podcast guesting and, and other things because essentially I have from like 945 to 230 that I can work and I have to be really diligent with those hours. 

I also have another client appointment outside of that later that day. So I’ll be you know, coaching Another client in that like 430 to six timeframe. So my husband’s home by then he’s coming home Tuesday. So
we will be together Wednesday, he’ll go in for a regular workday and such. But he’ll be home in the middle of the afternoon, he gets home at a great hour, He’s normally home. Around four, give or take, sometimes it’s three, sometimes it’s five. 

Generally, it’s pretty much on the early side, he goes in very early though, to wake up when we’re here together. And Wednesday will be one of those days, we’ll get up early. So we’ll get up at that same 430 hour, we’ll be in the basement working out doing the workout together, lifting weights, and then he’ll leave for work at like 545. So he’s up and out early. He’s home early. It’s great. I love it. And that means that he’ll be able to make dinner while I’m coaching the clients. 

And I will likely walk out of that session with an awesome dinner on the table. I can’t tell you how much my husband’s cooking skills have grown since I have started working more. And it’s kind of become a necessity. He was never like a bad cook. 

He just you know, in the earlier years that we were dating and married, I just did it. I was home. I wasn’t working. And I just you know, I was raising the kids. I was happy to cook. I like cooking. I really do. 

But I just don’t have the time or the level of interest in it right now that I did. And I absolutely love it. When he puts meals together. I’m so grateful and so appreciative. And now you can look up recipes, figure out how to make new things, try a new marinate or a rub or something. It’s like this is delicious. Thank you so so much. So Wednesday, I’ll come out of that. And we’ll have some dinner. 

And I will be starting to pack on Wednesday too. Because Thursday, we’ll be leaving, I’ll be leaving to go to St. Michael’s. So St. Michael’s is an hour and a half ish from maybe it’s only closer to an hour. I’ve been there so many times, I should really know. But I’ll be driving to St Michael’s so that we get there to check in. 

So I’m guessing like early afternoon is probably when we’ll meet. I’ll talk to my sister tomorrow. And we’ll firm up details and everything. And I think she made spa appointments for us on Friday, if I’m not mistaken. Hopefully she was able to she was saying they were having staffing issues. 

We tried to make appointments months ago, but I never did confirm with her. But hopefully I have an awesome spa appointment scheduled for Friday. And we usually like to spend time doing shopping there. They have great shops, they have great restaurants. And it’s a beautiful town to walk around in. We get the same room every time. It has an awesome sitting area and a fireplace in it so and a refrigerator so we’ll bring wine and cheese and things to snack on. And a lot of times we’ll have dinner and then we’ll just hunker down in the room with the fireplace on and talk. 

And it’s right there with the beds too in the room. So if one of us gets tired, we can continue talking from the bed until we fall asleep. It’s just really good mother daughter time. And like I said the in usually has like craft classes or things that we can do together. Last time there was a painting class and we we painted things together, we’ve made it they told us how to make nautical knots and stuff and we like a door hanger.

 Just fun stuff that you can just sit and talk and do and be together. If great cycling fitness classes we did Qigong last time, I think and just it’s fun. They’ll have like champagne toasts out on the water at sunset. 

And just fun activities. There’s amazing restaurants within the inn, if we don’t feel like leaving, like literally just stay at the inn all weekend, and they would have awesome things for us to do. But we love to get out and about get coffee, there’s a really cute place. 

That’s just, you know, a very short walk from the end that has this amazing blueberry chia pudding that I love to get for breakfast. And we like to go to the breweries and the winery and just just hang out. So that’s what that will be.
 And like I said, I like to get up still early in the morning while I’m there and have some productive time too. So just really looking forward to that. And that’s essentially going to be the rest of my week. So, you know, that’s, that’s it, and it’ll be it’ll be great. 

And I can hear that my husband just got home from drop off. And I hear the little feet of my four year old and I would imagine he’s probably going to sneak in here and say hi, which is fine. And I’m just gonna, you know, wrap this up. But that’s that’s how my weeks look. It’s a lot of you know, doing things, handing things off to my assistants, doing things around the house or handing them off to my husband, receiving things from people getting them done. 

And just kind of just being in the messy middle of building this amazing business and standing firm and what’s been creative and being so hopeful and just excited about what’s to come. And I’m just I’m so grateful. So thanks for reading. I’d love to hear what your weeks look like in your life and your business. And I will I’ll see you on the next episode. Have a great day. Go hug my kiddo.