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Hello, and welcome to the last podcast recording of the becoming more me podcast for the year 2021.

Yes, guys, we are headed into 2022 right around the bend here. And today, I wanted to talk a little bit about past, present, future, all that kind of stuff, and give a little gratitude for my year as I reflect on it, and also kind of explained some different things that apply to energy work and EFT as they relate to our past. Because, you know, we all talk about how we want to be powerful here in our present moment and how that’s the only place that we can be powerful, right? 

We can’t go back and change anything about our past.

So most people love to just be like, well, whatever is in the past, I can’t do anything about it.

But the thing is, when it comes to our past, with proper examination, and in the case of certain instances, or bothersome memories, or traumas, with good EFT work, we can resolve a lot of what is still happening presently, in our nervous system, even though an event is maybe even as old as when we were born. Or maybe last week, you know, it’s it’s all the past one way or another.

And when we have things like that that are unresolved, at least with our nervous system, we are still carrying that level of stress as if that thing was happening to us right now.

So I just asked you to think about that, because so often I hear people talk about, oh, well, that’s just like, that’s my normal stress level, you know. And so I was actually stressed out a whole lot more than that when X, Y or Z happened.

But you know, this is just kind of my normal day to day stress.
 And I challenge you to realize that whatever it is that you’re calling your normal stress is probably some unresolved stuff that maybe you could have a much lower level of your, quote, normal stress humming in the background, if you were to work on some things.

So that is the value of looking into your past and examining things in a way that maybe you haven’t before. I never am looking for people to go back and try to live in their past or rehash thing in an unhelpful way. 
But there’s a lot of gratitude, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, and other really positive energies that can come out of doing some work in our past.

And at the end of the year, I find that even just with the year that we’re in, it’s really great to reflect on things and see, hey, you know, what am I proud of for myself for doing this year? Because so often, we so easily turn to those negative things that are happening in our head, they Oh, well, you know, I didn’t meet my weight loss goal, or I didn’t meet my income goal, or I should have done more of this, or I completely never got around to doing that. And we go to all those negative things. But I’ll betcha you got a heck of a lot done this year. And you did a lot of things that maybe you’re not giving yourself credit for. And it’s really nice if you have a day or two over the holiday season that aren’t insane.

And we all should have that guys, that you give yourself a little time you give yourself a little grace, you allow yourself to reflect and even take out a pen and paper. And maybe challenge yourself by giving yourself a number before you even begin thinking 2550 Whatever.

Find that many things that you are proud of yourself for during 2021 and write them down and
it’ll give you some really good energy to go into the new year with.

I know one of the things that’s on my list, among many is finally starting this podcast because it has been just another awesome positive domino effect thing in my life my business as my personal growth, my development, the way that I can show up the way that I can serve, it’s been great. And I think up until I actually press record on episode, you know, zero, I just had no idea what was going to come of it. 
And I still don’t, because there’s still so much unfolding every single day just because I decided to say yes to this, and to make a commitment to it, and just decide and move forward with it. So initially, it was trying to wrap my head around the purpose of it, and what it was actually going to mean, and what it was going to look like to begin recording episodes of something without really knowing what kind of audience might show up to listen, or care or anything else.

Because, you know, when you first start a podcast, unless you already have a really established audience that is going to follow you. It’s kind of like crickets, you have to start doing a little self promotion, which is something I’ve gotten more comfortable with over the years and other things that I’ve done that used to feel super-duper uncomfortable.

But it’s not a bad thing to toot your own horn, it’s not a bad thing to let people know what you’re up to, or what you’re into, or how you can help, or what you may have to lend to someone else’s life. And ain’t nobody gonna do it. But you, okay? Mostly because most people have no idea what you’re up to, unless you tell them unless you share. This is my talent.

This is my area of passion. This is what I’m into. This is my hobby. This is my business. And so starting to share that. And gosh, I remember when I put out my first episode, and the platform that I published my podcasts on sends you updates, that lets you know how many people have downloaded each week’s episode, how many total downloads, you’ve had all that kind of thing across different platforms.

And I remember when I got to 100 downloads, and I think I was probably three or four episodes in even at that point. And I was so excited that 100 People had cared enough to listen to one, if not all four of the episodes that I had created. And that was enough. You know, it’s I have so many more people visiting now. But in the beginning, that was just that was so cool. That was such such a little bit of fuel in the fire necessary to say, okay, yeah, there’s something to this. 
And I know that just like when I first got into Network Marketing 20 Some years ago, I learned really quickly that it was not overnight success, it was not overnight, Mega Millions in the bank kind of business, it was relationship building.

And that was something that I was really proud that I learned how to do over the years, through plenty of trial error, fall on my face failure, honestly. And you learn through doing it. And you learn through falling on your face, and making a fool out of yourself and trying another way, and not giving up. It’s that grit, and that stick to itiveness and switching different network marketing companies along the way, and gathering different resources, friends, support, teammates, all that kind of stuff.

That allowed me to pick up a lot of skills that have really helped me as I’ve branched into my own businesses, the first of which I had in the late 90s. So all of those things have contributed to my own self confidence, my self esteem, all of that.

So as somebody who is, I would say, a lifelong student of learning, I really, really value learning. I don’t value education as much as I value learning, and the things that feed curiosity and open minds and
just show you how much you don’t know until you know it, that kind of stuff. So, as somebody who you know, I consider myself a lifelong student of learning.

And I think because of that, I will always be trying to throw myself into some new something or other that challenges me and keeps me leveling up. And it’s exactly what I like to bring to the high achieving type women that I work with two because I know that so often, they’re bored. And I mean, no offense, but I feel like boredom is for people who Aren’t immersing themselves in their interests.

And I can’t honestly tell you the last time I was bored. I’m sure I said it as a kid. And I’m sure I meant it also. But that was just more about limitations of what was available or allowed or what have you. 

And as an adult, I don’t know the last time I was bored. I may have been through all different other emotions, anger, depression, joy, gratitude, all ends of the spectrum of emotions, but never get any of those emotions. Was I simultaneously bored.

So I like to do to do new things.

And starting this podcast is one of those things that as I look back, I can say I’m really proud that I did that. And in beginning that, before I actually started mine, I began doing some podcast guesting, and I think that kind of gave me enough oomph to get going with my own. Because I actually had to sit down. I’ve told you guys a story before but I’ve had this this mic that I’m talking into right now I’m recording this with, for I had it for a year or two, before I used it to record anything.

And it wasn’t until I had a podcast guesting opportunity last winter. And I was like, Ooh, I better like, you know, learn how to plug some headphones in and turn this on and make it sound good. And maybe use a windscreen or this or that all the techie stuff that I wasn’t interested in pursuing without a reason to follow through with it. I had a reason. So then I did it.

And once I realized how easy all that was, and how much fun it was to just hop on zoom with a host and chat about things that we were both passionate about, learn from them, they learn from me, we have a great conversation. I was like this, there’s something to this, that’s more than I’m giving it credit for. So I started my podcast, and then decided that going into 2022, I wanted to make a commitment not only to producing episodes of my own show every week, but to being a guest on someone else’s show at least 52 times, essentially once a week, but it might not pan out it is exactly that, but at least 52 times during 2022.

So throwing the gauntlet down here publicly, but I have a feeling that if you’re looking for more from me, and you just put my name in and search other people’s shows, you’re going to start seeing it show up a lot more because I’m putting the effort into that visibility.

And that is something that I think scares a lot of us mompreneurs is actually getting visible. It’s one thing to hide in your office, create your stuff, talk about it with a close friend or workmate or fellow entrepreneur, it’s another thing to put it out there where anybody can find it, criticize it, love it, hate it, ignore it, whatever. And I love it. I love that
intensity switch. And also, the fact that whenever we put ourselves up against something that, you know, doesn’t kill us, essentially, we’re, we’re better for it. You know, and every time I record a podcast episode, where I’m a guest on somebody’s show, and I you know, I didn’t die, then I feel amazing. And it’s so much fun. And I figure out new ways to discuss the things that I sometimes feel like a broken record about. And I learn what people really want to know.

Because while I love it when you guys you know, comment and give me feedback and everything else. I get so much of it in just one interviews worth of time to understand, ah, that’s what people are interested in.
 That’s what you know, this particular audience wants to know, or that particular audience and I can speak to that, I can totally switch gears and speak to that dog.

My dog is snoring like he’s cutting down trees in the background. He’s having one of those dreams where he’s like, running and asleep and his legs are twitching. It’s I love my dog. And anyway, so I encourage you as as you begin 2022 before it gets here, make make a list of the things that you’re proud of.

My list is a lot longer than just the things that I’m talking about that are related to podcasting and podcast guesting and things of that nature. But those are just a few ways that I changed the trajectory. I changed my goals, I leveled up, I learned new things, and open doors to things, I had no idea that I didn’t know. And now I do.

And then I get to learn more things like that. And I love that there’s, there’s no end to what we’re here to learn. And I have, I mean, I never claimed no, like, everything anyway.
 And I never will. But getting into situations where I can be learning more every day, that makes me excited, really, really excited. So I do want to talk more about our past, and some examples of how that works into our future. But I think I want to leave you with this assignment for right now. And I’ll pick up with that on our next episode. And that way, you have time to make your list.

And instead of me going on for another, you know, 10 or 15 minutes here about that, take that 10 or 15 minutes, make your list, give yourself a pat on the back for all the things that you’ve done, right?

The things that you’re proud of the things that you accomplished, the things that you’re grateful for, that you did, not necessarily the things that you’re grateful for that you receive, we have so many things like that, that we’re grateful for. But we’re talking about you right now, and we’re talking about the things that you’re really proud of about your year.

And it’s a great exercise to and just kind of muting that negative voice. You know,
I don’t, I don’t remember the statistics off the English Theresa, I don’t remember these statistics off the top of my head. But I know that we sure have a hell of a lot more negative thoughts about ourselves about everything throughout the day than we have positive ones.

So anytime, when you have to consciously focus on what you’re proud of what you’re happy about, what’s awesome about you, is a great exercise in shutting up that inner critic and telling it where to go. And we all need to do a little bit more of that. So do the exercise, I will be talking to you again in 2022. 
And I’m very excited to help you better understand what happens when you do or you don’t examine and energetically resolve the things that have happened in your past that are part of that undercurrent that I talked about earlier. Happy New Year.

And thank you for being one of those no downloads that I’ve celebrated this year. One of those feedback comments that I’ve been able to create an episode around this year, one of the people that has been, you know, reaching out to me and expressing something that you learned or something that you liked about an episode, because as a podcast creator, there’s nothing that I value more than that. Without feedback without understanding my audience.

It’s really hard for me to produce shows that I know you’re going to love and it makes me really happy to be able to produce something that’s going to serve you and that you’re going to like so keep the feedback and the comments and the reviews coming.

I appreciate and value every single one of them. I’m wishing you a wonderful end to 2021 and an amazing beginning to 2022 

Thanks so much for listening. If you love this episode, please share it with a friend or post on social media and tag me so I can personally connect and thank you. Until next time, keep taking bold and brave action steps towards becoming more of who you want to be in this world. You are capable, you are worthy and you are in now. Keep shining your light

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