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Is Your Energy Affecting Your Outcome?

I know a lot of people might think that energy is something that you have or you don’t have… something that you manage with the amount of sleep that you have, or perhaps by using caffeine or sugar or a number of other things to elevate it or to calm it down.

Energy is really so much more than that. Literally. Everything is energy.

So the way I see it, energy is everything and understanding. It really helps to make a difference in all of the outcomes that we want to experience in our lives.

You see, we have physical bodies, spiritual bodies, and emotional bodies. We also have an energy body, and we have to be able to treat and understand that as it incorporates with those other bodies of ours, so that we can get the best outcomes.

And a lot of people might think that’s a little bit on the side of like woo woo or whatever. But it’s all very scientific and, I mean, I love the woo, but I love it for the way that it actually makes so much sense, not for the ways that it can really kind of be more of an embellishment.

And I do really believe in practical ways to apply things, but the way I feel about it is a lot of the things that we do and apply.

They make the practical things so much more fun. So why wouldn’t we kind of do them together anyway? Energy is like I said, literally everything.

You may have heard the statement before the energy proceeds matter, which literally means that everything begins as, like an energetic thought, a thing that we can’t see.

And then it gets amplified by our emotions and then brought into reality through our actions. So a lot of times you’ll see people that maybe they don’t believe in themselves or they lack self-confidence or they have self-doubt, and they’re having a really, really hard time bringing to fruition the things that they want.

And it’s not until they can kind of flip this switch on that, that they’re able to also change the outcome. Here is where what I do as an EFT practitioner becomes super-duper valuable because, I myself included have had plenty of time, situations, circumstances, and predispositions to not feeling our best. Whether that is not feeling our best is in the form of emotions, not feeling that we are not feeling our best is in the form of physical pain or things like that. Any of those things can happen to any of us, right?

But very few of us understand how to unblock that. You can talk to somebody who doesn’t have self-confidence or that doesn’t have self-esteem or that feels traumatized by something, and they might know that they feel that way. They might know that they’ve been through something that justifies the way that they’re feeling, but they don’t know how to get through it and feel differently.

They don’t know how to unblock, readjust, realign and balance their energy system. and that’s what makes us feel so off. When you think of something that happened to you last week, last year, a decade ago, when you were a kid, whatever and you still get that feeling that, like, when you think about it, kind of like it happens differently for everybody. Sometimes it’s like a constricted feeling in your throat. Sometimes it’s almost like a feeling like a shock wave kind of goes through your body. Sometimes it’s just a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach, or just feeling awful.

Your energy system doesn’t have a time reference so something could have happened to you 20 years ago. But when you think about it, when you trigger that thought, your energy system feels like it’s happening to you right now.

And EFT, the emotional freedom technique, which I practice with my clients and teach in my programs, can get you to unblock. And when you do, you don’t have that feeling, and it’s that feeling that ends up holding us back from all the other things.

So that person that is lacking the self-confidence or is having the self-doubt or whatever it is, is all of a sudden able to begin boosting those things to begin having more of those and to begin moving more easily in the direction that they want to proceed.

It’s honestly fascinating to manage our energy body, learning to understand and feel those blockages so that we can shift and move them out of our way is quite literally the key to becoming successful, happier, calmer, and more in the flow in our lives, which I know is what so many of you are really yearning for and really feeling stuck about.

So just consider that. And as you go through your day, realize that the energy you put into things, the thoughts, those kinds of things, they matter. Because thoughts, and energy become things in our physical world, and we don’t want to be putting our thoughts towards things.

We don’t want to show up because they will show up just as easily as the things we do want to show up. So it’s a much better investment of our time and our energy to put it in the direction of what we actually want to see manifesting in our lives.