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Can EFT Improve Your Network Marketing or Coaching Success?

Let’s talk about EFT and network marketing. It might seem like a weird combination. but bear with me, and this honestly applies to anybody in an entrepreneurial position. it doesn’t have to be network marketing and how you can level up. release fear, self-doubt, unworthiness, and all the other weird crap we come up against when we are in an entrepreneurial position or a network marketing job and really be able to move forward and break through in ways that we haven’t before.

So when I started network marketing, well, my first network marketing was probably back in my teens. I’ve dabbled and been part of at least half a dozen different network marketing opportunities, sales-type stuff over the last 27 years, and the last one that I joined up with in fitness and nutrition coaching I’ve been with for over six years.

So that’s been great. but every time that I was part of a network marketing opportunity, there were always all over these things that would rise to the surface for me.

Self-doubt, unworthiness, fear of failure, fear of success, all sorts of you know, all the things that honestly are going to come up for you in life one way or another, but entrepreneurial ventures will bring them out in you faster.

It’s also the reason why especially with network marketing with entrepreneurial-type stuff. you can put your foot on the gas and take it off a little easier without feeling like you’re part of a bigger thing. it’s just your thing with network marketing. you have teams, and you have kind of a progress line that you’re trying to follow.

But I would end up in a situation where I would be successful to a certain degree and then kind of stop. and it would get really uncomfortable to want to keep pushing.

And those things were in me either way because obviously those things I’ve seen pop up in personal relationships in parenthood, in friendships in all different areas, okay and regular jobs also.

But the whole network marketing and entrepreneurial environment escalate them rising up. so it also means that typically in those environments, there are a lot more personal development opportunities and a lot more suggestions for personal development and things of that nature.

I know that when I started doing network marketing six years ago with the company that I’m with now, there were always recommendations for podcasts, to listen to things to learn, books to read, audiobooks, and things to watch on YouTube, all different things.

And it can kind of get overwhelming honestly because all of that information can sometimes be too much, and we don’t know how to process it, or we have all of these aha moments with it. but then we don’t know how to actually apply it and make it show up in our life.

So sometimes you can contribute to our feelings that we’re not doing well enough or our feelings of failure. and that’s not the goal, obviously.

But when I was able to begin using EFT, the process of tapping actually helped me to lower the stress and resistance and break through in new ways. so it kind of feels like it’s the best technique to use when you’re in a job, any kind of job.

But again here I’m focusing on network marketing and entrepreneurial ventures where you’re going to be up against a lot more uncomfortable situations, and a lot more fear and you know that you have something greater to offer.

But you don’t feel yourself standing in your power and centering yourself in it as much as you would like to. and I think that’s really important because EFT will bring you back to that present moment and allow you to stand in your power like nothing else.

And you can’t play small. but the thing is when you’re talking about your own business, whatever that might be unless that’s all you have going on.

Usually, it’s optional, especially network marketing, like I don’t know anybody that had to go be a rep for a certain company or represent them or sign up as a coach or representative or whatever the position is called in the company that you represent.

It’s always been optional, so that makes it really easy to want to back down. when you feel the stress heighten up, the resistance heightens up because it’s difficult to want to dig into something that stimulates and exacerbates feelings of self-doubt and failure and, stress and all of that kind of stuff.

It’s very easy to want to walk away from that, but then you’re kind of missing the greater opportunity to grow and flourish and raise the bar for other people as well. Because playing small won’t serve you in those areas.

And you have to be very intentional about your commitment to an opportunity like that because it’s optional. it’s very easy to let it go otherwise. so I have really found that the practice of eft has helped me to boost my self-confidence, release self-doubt, and lower the stress associated with certain activities that can be hard for us as network marketers.

We really can have a lot of feelings of imposter syndrome and concerns about being judged, concerns about being misperceived, I know for a while I would be worried that people wouldn’t understand my heart.

They wouldn’t understand the place I was coming from. and there were also concerns about making money. people can often feel guilty about being successful with something because they feel like they should just be helping people.

But you know what? our time is not something that can be replaced or replenished. it is a limited thing, and when we’re using it to do something like that, and the company that we’re selling for us (and my dog just sat down here and he’s like grunting down here)

If benefiting, then why shouldn’t we too? when we’re the reason that somebody gets to discover something or become part of something, then we absolutely deserve that financial benefit along with it, and women especially, have played that down for far too long.

And there’s no reason why we shouldn’t enjoy being paid for providing services that benefit people and being paid well. so just a kind of tip for today. if you haven’t ever tried EFT and you find yourself having negative feelings associated with your work or coming up against walls with your achievements or not quite being where you want to be with your success, then explore together with me! and check out the resources that I have. reach out to me. I’m always happy to chat about this or help you understand if this could be a fit and help you and I have an amazing program called conscious coaching that is specifically designed for network marketers to release their blocks and to find success in their business and also their greater lives because network marketing was not created to be all-consuming.

In many cases, it was created to be something where we can create sustainable businesses without having to work, 12 and 14-hour days and go crazy.

But it does require commitment and intention. so you know, if I can help you in any way on your path to success with network marketing, please know, as I’ve been in your shoes, the network marketing business that I built allowed me to take a step back and pave the way for my EFT business.

And that is such a blessing when one dream can pave the road for the next dream and still be something that I enjoy doing also.