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Can You Really Get Tangible Results with Tapping? Let’s Explore the Possibilities!

I’m a little bit of a science nerd, which is part of the reason why I absolutely love eft. and I think a lot of people have been taught about eft in more of a woo-woo way that makes them feel like they don’t connect with it or that it doesn’t have a functional purpose for them.

So that’s kind of something I want to set straight today because we all know I love the woo woo and I love the practice. and for me, EFT has been the perfect way to mesh the two of them together.

And I like proof. I really, really like, things that are proven to work. and they have a reason why they work, not just things that seem kind of like lucky or don’t work for everybody.

So I think that’s another reason why eft is a modality that I have really clicked with. so let’s put it this way. when I first heard about EFT, EFT’s been around since the 90s in the form that we know and use it now. it stems from practices in ancient Chinese medicine and so forth. They are thousands of years old.

But the way that it’s been put together as we know it is the emotional freedom technique that happened in the 90s. and I don’t think I heard mention of it until the early 2000s.

Probably in 2008, or 2010. and when I did, I believe I was either pregnant or breastfeeding at that time. and I heard about it being used for sports performance.

I believe with Olympic athletes and things. so that was not on my radar at the time. well, I’m kind of over here making humans and doing that.

It didn’t jive with me, so I didn’t really pay a lot of attention. the next time I heard about it and was probably in reference to being used with veterans and PTSD and things like that, and it wasn’t until I really expanded my understanding of post-traumatic stress.

I prefer to call it PTS. I don’t really like to think about it as a disorder. it’s post-traumatic stress. and realize how many of us also have parallels. no, we might not be war veterans or we might not have seen really horrible things like that…

But trauma comes up in so many different ways and the way that our body processes it or doesn’t process it is what affects us. and then I believe I heard about it.

So I mean, I dismissed it again when I heard about it with veterans. because even though I mean, I have my traumas, I was not relate it at the time or understand the connection.

And that was probably, I don’t know, around 2012, maybe. and then I heard about it. migraines and I was like that actually started to intrigue me because I had several car accidents in my late teens and early twenties that left me with a lot of different chronic pain issues. and migraines were one of those things that I battled for a really long time.

So I paid attention that time, but I still didn’t understand it. I didn’t understand the whole like I’m tapping on areas and I’m saying certain things, I didn’t understand how to do it or how to make it effective for me.

I was like, there’s this interesting thing out there. it makes sense. well, when I was actually, I was away on a retreat and we retreated to a session with an eft practitioner where she taught us about eft now her teachings about eft were more in the woo-woo.

You know, it was the anxiety, the stress, the things that maybe you can’t see so much but you feel, and we use the EFT for that. and I was able to connect of dots at that point, having seen and heard about it in all those different ways that I was like, holy crap this really is something that you can use on everything.

And EFT is nicknamed “try it on anything technique” because you really can, basically anything that you can feel you can, and we tend to focus on the negative with eft.

So we tend to focus on stress and fathers of memories and pain – physical and emotional, and anxiety. because it can work on things in the past, the current time, or the future.

So we tend to focus on the negative thing because obviously, that’s what we want to reduce, eliminate and heal in our lives. but we can also amplify positive things with the use of eft.

So that’s really beneficial too. and when I started to kind of realize all the different ways that I could use it, it really began to fascinate me. and that’s when I got pulled in and called to, be certified as a practitioner, master practitioner, and so on and so forth.

So that was kind of how my journey with it ended up coming together. it was all those pieces. I think if I had only ever heard of one part of that, then I would not have pursued more about it. but when I started to realize, hey, like when I learned about it at that retreat, I had a headache.

Actually, I think I had covid honestly, I’ll never really know for sure, but it was right at that time in February 2020 when it was starting to make its way around, and I got so so sick for a bunch of weeks and it was right at the beginning of that time when I was at this retreat and I used it on my headache and my headache, like reduced to almost nothing.

And I was like, holy crap, empowering, powerful enough to make me get a taste of my own power and one more of it.

And those were kind of those practical applications that were like, okay, so I get it now. I understand these meridian endpoints. I understand the energy flow.

I understand that I can release this. so now what am I going to use it on? and that’s when it gets really exciting, because I was able to use it on a lot of things where I could see a difference right away in the beginning, and that boosted my belief.

I love it when I’m able to work on somebody’s headache or bodily pain or something that is disused within their body, because those results are more palpable, whereas I can help people make incredible strides with pts, I can help people make incredible strides with emotional pain, with anxiety, with stress.

But sometimes you don’t feel that right away. sometimes it doesn’t show up for you right away. sometimes you know the improvements in your success or your work or your relationships with others.

They take time to show up for you. it doesn’t mean that it’s not working. it’s just when you can, ix nay a headache. in five minutes, you’re like, hey, I’m onto something, and then you’re more willing to put the effort, the time, the commitment into working on the things that you can’t see as well because it’s working just as well on those things.

It’s just that they’re not those immediate results sort of things, you know what I mean? so that’s my field for today. and that’s part of the reason why I love EFT.. because it’s both practical and it brings all the world that I love together and gets really great results.