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Can Tapping Work for Physical Pain?

Hey there! I want to talk today about EFT’s effectiveness in pain. like physical pain, chronic pain, and the stuff that you’re actually feeling in your body physically.

So we know that EFT can be used on anything that you can feel. so if you’re sad, if you’re, anxious, if you’re stressed, we can use EFT on those kinds of things. we can also use EFT on past things that have happened like that and future worries and anxieties.

But we can also use it on things right here in the present moment. and one of those things that we can use it in the present moment is pain. I think it’s also one of… well, it’s one of the most empowering things to use it on and also one of the most confusing things that we use it on.

So give my husband as an example here because he has a lot of chronic pain issues, and I have had a lot of chronic pain issues over the years. so he is hands down my number one supporter of becoming an eft master practitioner.

He paid the bill for my certification, he encouraged me to go after it, and he lovingly supported me through the hundreds of hours I put into getting certified and working with clients and all sorts of other things as I came up with a master EFT practitioner.

But he has never so much as tapped a round with me, and he still has misconceptions that somehow EFT is some mumbo jumbo practice where we go looking for things in your past and blame what’s happening to you now on them or something. it’s not right at all but it’s humorous, and it’s fun to listen to him try to explain what I do to people because it’s not right.

But I love him and he is seriously a huge supporter of me, and it’s just the way it is. anyway, so his viewpoint on it with pain is that, let’s take he has, bone degeneration and things in his knee so he feels like, well, you can’t make the bone grow back. so how are you going to fix the way that I’m feeling?

And my perspective with it as an energy healer is that no, we probably– I won’t say we can’t because I’ve seen things like that happen in people and people have regenerated all different things.

It’s not likely that we’re going to regrow the bone, the cartilage, or whatever it is that’s missing. that’s causing all this pain and rubbing and stuff happening in him.

However, he could not have the pain associated with it. we could remove that. it doesn’t mean that he’s not going to have a limp from time to time or have the things associated with having that part of his knee essentially missing. but we could reduce and take away the pain associated with that.

And that’s huge! and I think a lot of times people get hung up on that because they think, oh, well, I have this problem that’s not fixable, this thing that’s missing or this thing that’s added or whatever and we can’t change that, so why bother working on it in any means like this?

And I’ve seen great progress with stuff like that, guys, so today I wanted to just kind of take you through a pain that I’m dealing with right now and just show you how I would tap on that.

I had great success last winter. I had was my other foot, my right one that I’m working on today. it was my left foot and I had this whole issue every time I would point my toe, I would get this horrible, horrible pain and there was heel pain, and there was top-of-foot pain. there were all sorts of stuff going on that was just not right.

And I think it has stemmed from when my second oldest child fell on my foot after he got out of the tub. and I think he like a hairline, fractured something at that point. but there was nothing we could really do about it.

So I think it healed funny. and I think it’s been kind of a menace ever since then. well, it’s not anymore. and it hasn’t been since I finished up the healing process with EFT.

But during those years after the injury happened, when I would be in and out of pain and then when last it was like the end of 2019, I really, really hurt and it pushed me to find solutions for it.

And I had it x-rayed, and I had MRIs done.

I had physical therapy. I had dry needling and massage therapy. I use photon light therapy, all different kinds of topical and supplements, and things like that. and I just wasn’t outside injections and things done, and it wasn’t resolving.

It was getting that they were actually helping. there were a lot of those things that were contributing to it getting better. but it wasn’t out of the woods at all. and then I began tapping on it, and I would note the pain beforehand. I would tap through around and then note the pain afterward is what we do with tapping. we always take an intake before and then after that, we have some way to rate the movement of the energy, the shifts that we’re making all that kind of stuff.

And it wasn’t too miraculous in the first round. but I did notice a shift, and I continued to tap on it about once or twice a day, and I was talking about a five-minute commitment.

Okay. not much enjoyable relaxing lower your cortisol and has tons of other benefits. But my focus during those rounds was on the pain that I was having in my ankle, my toe, and my foot.

And in less than a week, it was gone like no trace of the pain, the discomfort, the lack of mobility, nothing. and that was super empowering to me, to realize that I had that power within myself, that I was able to complete the healing process and to have that kind of an impact on my body, my energy, and the pain that I was experiencing.

So today, I’m going to take you through tapping on this at my right foot. I had severe varicose vein treatments done, and one of them, about a week and a half ago, was very close to my ankle. A lot of veins are very close to the surface there. they’re very painful that I have worked on, and I ended up with something that’s never happened to me in any of my rounds of having varicose vein work done and that is I had trapped blood.

So that was a little weird. they released it and now there is just awful, awful bruising there and very intense pain that I’m having.

So I’m going to tap on it to try to lower that, and I’m going to show you what that process looks like. I’m actually going to do the tapping on a separate video just because this one got a little bit longer.

And that way, if you want to just access the tapping without the preamble to it in the future, then you can just fire up the tapping video and tap along with me if you’re working on another pain of your own because it’s very duplicatable.

You just need to apply your own specifics of what you’re dealing with.