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EFT Tapping for Physical Pain. Come Tap Along with Me!

Okay, so perhaps you saw my last video, which was all about the use of eft for physical pain. so now what I’m gonna do is I’m going to show you how I am today, tapping on the pain that I’m having in my ankle and foot from trapped blood bruising, a varicose vein procedure, a whole bunch of stuff that has happened to this poor leg and foot in the last 10, 12 days.

So yeah. so it’s been a lot of pain. my foot. you don’t need to see my foot, but I’m going to just kind of take a moment right now to connect with the way that my foot is feeling, and note the sensations and then rate it on (my dog’s kicking my tripod down there is laying on it like lazy dog he is.)

I’m just gonna note the sensations that I’m having and kind of give it a rating from 1 to 10. so that my best know how much I’ve shifted the resistance in my body to the pain once I’m done with this round.

So I have a feeling it’s an intense bruise, it’s a sharp pain, it’s lacking mobility. it hurts when I turn in a certain way. I’m just kind of feeling it out here and moving it around. if you can see my foot and toe in circles with it down here.

So and I’m on, like, two extra strength Tylenols right now, and it still hurts a heck of a lot. so I’m gonna say, like, on a level of 1 to 10, this subjective distress that I’m feeling is like a seven, and now I’m gonna tap on it.

So, do this along with me. and like I mentioned in the past video, you know, there’s nothing you can do that’s gonna harm yourself when it comes to eft.

But you’re definitely going to lower your cortisol. you’re definitely going to lower your stress hormones. and if you do it right, you’re gonna knock out a whole lot of other stuff.

But doing it right often does require the help and guidance of a practitioner or master practitioner like myself. and if you need that help for it, I mean even just doing a few sessions with somebody who is master certified in this practice can make such a difference on the outcomes that you get versus trying to just amble through it on your own.

And maybe you get results, maybe you don’t, maybe results aren’t as good as it could be. it’s just it’s eye opening guys. it’s really eye opening.

Let’s do this together.

Even though I have really intense pain in my right foot. I love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though it’s really frustrating that this procedure didn’t go as smoothly as all the others have, I love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though it hurts to walk, and it hurts to move it, and it hurts to wear shoes. I’m open to the possibility of healing and want to love, accept and forgive myself anyway.

All this pain in my right foot, pain in the top right side of my foot, near my ankle, pain and bruising around my ankle bone pain and tightness in my lower calf.

I just wish it would go away.

I don’t have time to be hurt. sharp pain on the top of my foot. It feels like everything is tight. keep taking extra strength Tylenol and I hate taking payments, and they’re hardly even touching the pain.

I feel like something is blocking the flow down there.

Something needs to release, running for the bruising to heal, the blood to flow, the way that it’s supposed to run for the mobility to come back to my foot and for the pain to leave as quickly as it came.

Just want to support the full healing process of my body right now. send love to the pain and allow it to resolve.

Feeling the pain shifting slightly to the side of my foot from the top.

Chase that pain right at the bottom of my foot.

I call the power and energy in me to go to the places that need help and facilitate the healing.

Yeah, all this pain in my right foot so much pain cramping my style and slowing me down.

I’m stubborn and I don’t like to be slowed down.

I don’t like to admit that I’m hurt. wanting my foot to heal so that it can continue to help me journey through this world day by day like it always has.

I’m so grateful for all these places my feet have taken me over the years.

And if it’s not too much to ask, I sure would love to do it without this pain.

Opening up and just allowing it free itself from my body to work itself out to release.

Yeah, all right, so that was one round of eft tapping on the pain in my right foot.

I was going to move around again. oh my goodness, it’s much more concentrated right now actually.

Wow. Mobility is a lot better. surprisingly, there’s still a stiffness, for sure, and things like… crazy to say it… but the bruising doesn’t feel as bad.

I was just getting ready to say things like bruising and stuff, but they just got to heal on their own, you know? it’s wow! I couldn’t even. There’s an area that I am pal painting at the top of my foot right now, and I could hardly touch this morning.

It’s tender like it’s still super tender, but it’s definitely improved. my foot feels stiff still. there’s still mobility missing. wow, I can really stretch it a lot more than I could this morning, so progress is being made where I was seven before.

It sounds like a 4.5 or five. so when it comes to physical pain like this, that is something that kind of has to… there’s a good amount of this that has to work itself out on its own, like they let out the trap blood the other day.

There’s a healing process here, but this particular pain is new, like it’s on top of everything else. so I mean, there’s some healing that has to happen that’s going to take time.

But wow, wow, it really feels it actually just had a weird tingle through it. I can feel a shift, and so it’s a shift in a good direction.

So that’s if I’m not going sorry, it’s even a 10 minute video, but I will sit here, and I will do probably two more rounds like that right now.

And I’ll see. and I would be willing to bet that I can probably get my pain down with two more rounds, at least two or three, at least. just based on what I’ve done with myself before.

And I never like to try to predict that beforehand because I don’t like to close the door to more progress. so often, when we use a scale like that, it’s interesting that people really do get connected to pain. and this isn’t just physical pain, but bothersome memories or traumas or things like that where they’re almost afraid to just release it.

And you don’t ever want to close yourself off to that or be afraid of that. release a beautiful, wonderful move in the right direction. but it does trigger certain feelings of removed safety for some of us, and that’s something to address, too. and you can tap on it so you know the wheel goes round and round. but that is just an example for you, because I often get asked about how do I use this for pain or I don’t quite understand, or how can I possibly make this or the next thing better with this technique, and that’s how.

And just like with any complex problem, it’s going to take multiple rounds. it’s going to take more than the 10 minutes that I just spent on myself. but I think that combining that with my natural healing over the next few days and I’ll check in with you guys and let you know, I think that’s going to make a huge difference and me feeling better sooner and more completely.