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73% of people will ignore this in 2021

73% of people are going to ignore this message in 2021. But today we’re talking about a full proof and fast way to ditch anxiety and lower stress hormones.

But unfortunately, so many people are going to ignore this and just continue to carry on with their stressed out lives.

Hi, I’m Theresa Lear Levine. I’m an EFT master practitioner and life coach and someone who is super familiar with stress and anxiety.

I can’t tell you how many people are just going to overlook this way to gain an unfair advantage to lowering their stress and anxiety and even lowering the cortisol that contributes to all of it.

Anxiety is not fun! Neither is that horrible feeling of being stressed out. I’ve woken up many mornings with a racing heart and a feeling that the day just started without me… That I couldn’t catch up.

And I’ve experienced feelings of being completely stuck or frozen, unable to make the next right move in life. I have been paralyzed by social situations, memories of things that didn’t go as planned, and I’ve completely leaked my energy into the past or the future and failed to get present where I actually have power.

But so many people that suffer from stress and anxiety or even say that they want to change and find something to help with it, are unknowingly, actually comfortable being stressed out and anxious. To them, the idea of feeling normalcy in their life and their energy system is actually more alarming.

Then the thing they say they want to eliminate and change. And this is why they stay stuck. You have to be willing to sit in that discomfort while you work through things in order to get to the place where feeling normal feels normal.

When I discovered tapping, sometimes called the emotional freedom technique, I honestly didn’t really want it to work because if it worked, that would mean I actually had the power to move my own obstacles out of the way. And that has a whole lot of implications.

If it didn’t work, I still had excuses. I had places to hide. But the fact is, tapping works insanely well and fast. In fact, and it’s scientifically based and proven in so many ways.

Doing it for just a few minutes a day can lower your cortisol levels. That’s your stress hormones. But up to 43% which is huge for the way that you feel.

Another big reason why it works so incredibly well with anxiousness is that when you’re tapping you’re sending a signal to the amygdala, that’s the part of your brain… That’s all about fight or flight, and it’s telling it to calm down.

Suddenly, you have room for logic and rationality to grow. And stress and anxiety begin to get squeezed out entirely. Now I can’t show you all the tricks and tips I have about eft in this short video…

But I have tons of resources and tap along videos. You can try if you want to be part of the 27% that actually takes action and decides to make eliminating their stress and anxiety a priority.

So you’ve got this! I believe in you!

I’m here to help you learn to tap and use this valuable tool in your life to resolve all of the negative emotions that you’re currently holding you back.

Not just stress and anxiety. So, check it out and have a great day!