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Are you feeling crappy about quarantine weight gain? Let’s release those emotions together!

Weight gain is a tricky subject.

And the pandemic has made it even trickier. We have all, for the most part, experienced some kind of a negative health impact, whether it’s that we’re moving less or that where the impact of what we normally eat is adding up more because of moving less.

Or perhaps we’re just not eating is well and making choices that aren’t as good because we’re bored or were stressed, or that’s just what we’re doing.

You know, there’s only so much that we can do when we’re in quarantine and are confined.

And eating is definitely something that most of us flock to as entertainment, as nourishment, as comfort… So many things…

So, working in the health and fitness industry for a long time, I know that a lot of people will just chastise themselves about. Well, I know I could do it. I have the tools why? Why am I not making this happen? And you know, when I’m ready, I will. But even then it could be really hard, and a lot of that has to do with these psychological reversals and things and these negative things that we say to ourselves. 

So we have to get rid of those, and that is what the emotional freedom technique allows us to do. 

So I’m just gonna do a little session on myself because I want to remove some of my blocks to make it a little easier for me to move in the direction that I say I want to go into because that’s the whole thing when we’re psychologically reversed – What we believe, what we really want does not match up with what we’re doing. The actions that we’re taking. And I mean, that could be like when we binge on some food that we love. And we know we shouldn’t or we skip our work out even though we know how amazing we feel afterward.

It is a reversal and it is all in our heads. And EFT can clear it so that your actions and your beliefs actually align, and when that happens, you move in the direction you want to move in, but you have to rid yourself of the negative things.

 First, you can’t just cover them over and say, Oh, well, when I’m ready, I’ll do it or I know I’m capable.

I’ve got this, and pump yourself up with all that positivity because if underneath that positivity, there’s a bed of self-loathing or self-hatred or lack of belief or bad memories about previous times when you tried to lose weight or tried to exercise or anything, you can’t make the progress. You need a good foundation to build that positive momentum. Okay, here we go, and you can watch this video to do it along with me.

You can change the words to apply to you whatever. I’m just going to kind of speak from my own heart and rid my own blocks. So here we go.

Even though I am really disappointed in myself for putting on weight since the pandemic started, I want to love and accept myself anyway.

Even though I feel like a fraud, because I’m a health and fitness advocate, mentor and personality, and here I am putting on weight and having issues taking it off. I want to love, accept and forgive myself.

Even though I can’t stand the way my clothes fit right now, and I hate the way that my belly is rolling over the way, spending my pants. I want to love, accept and forgive myself. 

All this unwanted weight gain, snacking on things I didn’t even used to find appealing.

Eating too much almost every day, not moving my body enough, telling myself that I’ll do better tomorrow, wondering when tomorrow is, cleaning my children’s plates, eating their leftovers, snacks, having dessert in the evenings when I used to just be happy not having it at all.  

Indulging in foods that have zero nutritional value. 

Feeling guilt, shame and regret for choices that I’m making around food.

Not feeling like I’m pushing myself hard enough in my workouts, not having the energy I wanna have, because I’m not eating in alignment with my goals, worrying that the weight gain is going to keep happening and that I’m never going to have the body that I want again.

Losing my confidence about being able to get shredded,

kind of wondering if I even care anymore.

Forgetting how good it feels when I actually take accountability, responsibility and control for my diet and exercise,having to buy new jeans and size up in my shirts because things are getting tight and I can’t stand it when you conceive rolls of fat through clothing.

Want these rolls of fat to go away, not feeling comfortable in my skin, wanting to feel like I could get a handle on things again, wanting to remember that loving myself

isn’t that second glass of wine or that extra dessert, wanting to love myself and give myself grace and acceptance on this journey, wanting to let go of the self-judgment and

the disgust with myself for bad choices with love, compassion, tolerance, grace, I now forgive…

I now forgive.

I now forgive.

And I call my power back into my beautiful, capable, strong and healthy body.

I am whole, complete and powerful.


Thank you.

So I want you to understand that even in this state where I am, ten-ish pounds over where I would like to be. And I’m not a fan of the fat rolls and the changes.

I also I’m able to look in the mirror and see a body that has brought four children into this world. 

I’m able to see a body that’s strong and capable.

I’m able to see a body that’s going through a really strange year and handling it the best it knows how.

And I’m able to see myself in that body doing the best.

I know how.

Also, so, understand that this is about

pulling those negative things out.

This isn’t that that’s not what is going through my head all day long, if that makes any sense.

But those things are coming up.

Those things are an underlying buzz and underlying current that prevent me from getting to that place that I want to be and the EFT that we just did. That tapping helps to eliminate that buzz. remove that current and make room for more of those positive things that I do truly feel.

And I didn’t always, you know, I was a lot harsher on myself.

In my younger years, I have a lot more grace, tolerance, acceptance, and compassion for myself and my body and the different trials and challenges that I go through now than I did in my younger years.

And a lot of that has to do with the room that I’ve made for that positivity to grow by acknowledging, speaking, sometimes just to myself, in private tapping sessions.

But here today, being vulnerable with you and sharing those negative feelings.

Okay? So I don’t want you to think that that session was about me beating myself up. 

That session was about the release, and you could see in different places where there were deep breaths or releases that actually happened.

That is an actual release in my energy system, happening, a blockage coming free.

So,  it’s very powerful work, and it’s the kind of work that shows up in your day-to-day life long after you do it.

So I hope you learned something today.

I hope you enjoyed that.

And I wish you the best of success on your journey to creating a true, positive body image and inner strength and value and compassion and love for yourself on your journey. 

Be well.