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Becoming Addicted to Being Stuck in Our Pain?

I have been asked: “Do you feel as if we can become addicted to being stuck in our pain and stuck in our suffering?


I can just end it there.

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No, yes, we definitely can.

It can become more comfortable to be in our pain than to be in the newness of our transformation.

So we will put more effort towards staying the same, because we know it, even if staying the same means remaining in an abusive relationship, or in a dead-end job, or never seeing our own dreams come true. We know what that looks like.

We felt that we’ve lived it, we understand it, we know how to do it. And therefore, we know how to show up tomorrow and do it again.

Whereas if we get unstuck, if we get unblocked, if we’re really as truly limitless as everybody keeps telling us we are, well, then what are we going to have to do, then how are we going to show up? There’s going to be some kind of pain and that transformation and because it’s unknown, even if our greatest dreams lie on the other side of it, we find it a lot easier to stay stuck.

And the other thing is motivation, procrastination, and getting unstuck are big, big topics for me with the women that I work on. And because they’re huge and they’re exactly what stops us from ever achieving the things that we say our innermost desires.

We just don’t…we just stop. And it’s just more comfortable and less painful to stay the same than to venture into that uncharted territory.