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Meditation as Resolution? Ideas to help you STICK with it

I’m excited to see how many people have made self-care resolutions for this new year.

And I love seeing a focus being put on improving and becoming more of who we want to be through self-love and maybe even a slower pace entirely.


 is one of the things I have heard a lot of my friends and clients say they want to do more regularly this year and yet much like resolutions for diet or exercise, I see that many of them are already struggling or giving up.

Don’t Fret if this is you!

Typically, when I see people get frustrated with trying to develop a meditation practice, it’s when they have been doing it in a self-led very open-ended way and they feel like “nothing’s happening” or they get irritated by how easily distracted or lead away from the purpose of meditating they are. #partofbeinghuman

The very process of meditating is becoming conscious of your thoughts and being able to come back to where you want to be.

So the distractions and random thoughts are okay.

It will probably never stop happening. It’s an opportunity for acceptance and compassion for yourself.

For me, those frustrating, irritating feelings that made me feel like I was a meditation failure, made me realize that unguided meditation like that, where I’m simply sitting in silence or listening to sounds of nature, crystal bowls, or calming music has never worked well for me….great for a nap….not so great for mediation.

I have always been a guided meditation kind of girl there are many apps, YouTube videos, and audio recordings that you can find to do guided meditations, and I recommend trying out some different things and seeing what resonates with you.

In recent years (as someone who likes as much out of my self-care and personal development time as possible!), I love meditations that are combined with binaural beats, EFT, and/or hypnosis as it simply feels more productive and effective to me!

My main point here is that if you’re looking to find the rejuvenation, peace, and calm that come with meditation, I promise, there definitely ways of doing it that exist that you will enjoy and feel transformed by so there’s absolutely no reason to be incorporating meditation into your life and feeling like it’s not enjoyable or it’s not benefiting you. Got it!?

So if you’re frustrated or resistant to meditation (but actually WANT it to be part of your self-care practice), move on to another way of practicing it until it feels lighter and easier, and then lean into it and see where it takes you.

Meditation can be structured or unstructured, and both ways are AWESOME!

One of my favorites, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer writes in his book Real Magic, “The process of meditation is nothing more than quietly going within and discovering that higher component of yourself … Learning to meditate is learning how to live rather than talking about it…”