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Why Your Mental Health Needs Your Commitment Each Day

I missed my massage last month and when I went back in for this month’s deep issue, I could totally feel the difference of not being worked on for that long period of time… Our EFT Practice, our self-care, and our mental health are the same when we don’t do it, we lose the benefits. And you don’t want that to happen.


And that’s why today, I really want to talk about why it’s important to develop and keep up with a mental health practice that will serve you even if you don’t feel like you need it at the time.

That massage therapy point that I missed last month was because my therapist canceled not because I didn’t feel like I needed it.

I have been doing that kind of self-care for long enough to know that even when I don’t need it, it’s a good idea to go because oftentimes there are things in my body that I don’t even realize are out of whack or out of alignment that need work and just by getting in there, I fix things that either could have gotten a lot worse or that I didn’t realize where a problem and you know, I feel so much better afterward, so that is something that I do at least once a month.

Sometimes more. But what I come across a lot of times in my practice of eft and people that want to work with me is people saying, well I’m just not gonna do it right now because everything feels pretty good, you know, I don’t really have any major problems going on, so there’s no reason to really like dive into that right now or invest in myself in that way.

And to that I say, a) everybody always has something to work on and b) developing those practices, or like my fingers are saying one and two, you know, maybe it’s all the same.

But developing a practice that will serve you when things are difficult during a time when things aren’t is so much easier because inevitably the crop is going to hit the fan at some point in your life and when it does, you’re not gonna have time or presence or perhaps even the emotional capability to reach out and say, oh yeah,

So now is when I want to learn EFT and maybe I need to start those sessions now, you’re gonna wish you had taken the time to learn and it doesn’t have to be EFT- whatever practice it is that grounds you and helps you to lower your resistance aka stress so that you can move through situations with greater clarity, greater peace of mind and greater success, you know, and there’s no better time to do that then when things are going well.

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You know don’t back off or stop because things seem okay because it’s no different than working out. When you work out you strengthen your muscles and you build your muscles and you grow. When you don’t work out those muscles and those gain atrophy and go away very quickly.

Now you can get them back pretty quickly too. But the point is consistency matters otherwise you’re losing what you’ve gained. And our mental health is no different just because you meditated last week or did an eft tapping around last week or yesterday or whatever does not mean that you are still reveling in the benefits of it now. So I love eft because it’s an easy practice once you learn it through a course like my becoming more me with eft then you have the skills and you have a community to back you up with practicing those skills.

And it is a self-care practice and practice that is going to help you to clear emotional and energetic blocks and really make some amazing breakthroughs with anything. You can feel like I’ve said a million times before with EFT If you can feel it you can apply the technique and that doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling emotional or physical.

So there are so many things that you can apply it to. So you can find something every day to work on quite literally. You know whether it’s a minor physical pain or a major past trauma or a future anxiety or something that you’re going through right now or something that somebody else is going through right now, you can use it.

And that means that since it’s so easy to use and has such a wide application you can be getting that work in every day making progress and it’s not time-consuming. You can do a round of eft in like three minutes. So having good coping mechanisms that actually work is scientifically proven and can lower your cortisol by up to 43% in under 10 minutes.

Guys it’s huge. It is huge. So don’t wait until the stuff hits the fan and you’re scurrying trying to figure out oh my god what’s gonna work for me and how am I gonna know? And you know maybe I shouldn’t do it cause it might not work for me and I have other videos on what to do if it’s not working for you because this quite literally will work for anybody.

It’s just sometimes people are not applying it correctly or understand the technique right? But that’s a topic for another video.

My point today is to make sure you’re equipped with coping mechanisms, this world, this life, and all the craziness that surrounds us every day require that we have really solid and practiced coping mechanisms so that we can make the best of every situation and not find ourselves just swimming in a sea of emotional overwhelm and things that really take us out of the moment and decrease our joy and increase our stress and make life less enjoyable.

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So go after it. If you need help finding a technique that works for you, please reach out. I love helping people to get clear with things that are going to work for them, especially about mental health.