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Stop thinking GUIDANCE is “special”

I’d like to offer up a few nuggets on intuition and guidance because when I recently posted about it, I got some messages from people saying, hey, you know, I don’t really feel guided or like I even have intuition and it kind of made me sad because I feel like we have come to live in a world where people think that being in contact with our… having a connection with our physical body is totally normal and that having a connection with our guidance, our spirituality, our non physical body is somehow rare and guidance and intuition are honestly some of the most ordinary things and I need you to kind of like say that again to yourself so that you understand it.

It is completely ordinary run of the mill every day to receive guidance. but I think that people are also a little bit confused about what that is, how that shows up and perhaps they’re looking for like a really clear voice in their head or they’re looking for a vision or they’re looking for something that makes a decision for them and that’s not guidance.

Not that that’s not available to some people, but that’s not what i’m talking about, what i’m talking about guidance. the guidance that i’m talking about is available to you at any time and like you probably don’t even realize it.

So think about your day, think about things that you go through and that you feel and come, here’s a compass that just like humid has anything outside today and I just took a walk and it’s like crazy hair.

Um, so maybe you’re going through your day and you feel off, maybe you have a little bit of a headache or something like that, noticing that and being able to say to yourself, I feel off is a form of guidance.

Maybe you are getting a feeling that a relationship that you’re in, is it making you happy or that something is not right about it, that’s also guidance.

Maybe you’re feeling tired and that’s also another form of providence or you’re trying to make a decision and you’re not sure what the next right step is. all of those things are questions that you know, you get those feelings and then guidance on those things is immediately available to you. so, and when you ask yourself that question, like i’m really tired, like what should I do?

Guidance might come up in the form of take a nap, guidance might come up in the form of eat a certain type of food or you know, have a cup of coffee or whatever it is. your guidance will tell you what the right thing is now, whether or not you listen to it is another thing.

Your guidance might tell you to take a nap and you might say no, i’m just gonna keep plugging through because I don’t have time for that. well that doesn’t mean that you weren’t guided. it just means that you chose to do something else.

And this is how people end up in situations where they come up against the same problems, mistakes. I hate that word because I don’t really believe it.

But people call that I made a mistake and I shouldn’t have done things that way. um that kind of stuff over and over again because they don’t listen to that inner voice to that guidance and that intuition.

So it might keep telling them like, hey, it’s time to get out of this relationship, it’s time to move on. but you might keep saying no, I just, I really want to stick it out, make it work.

And that voice keeps saying not the right place to be, you know, time to break things off and and call it a day and you keep sticking it out and it just keeps the cycle keeps continuing.

So what you do to respond to those little nudges and things is what makes all the difference. it’s what makes you start becoming a higher frequency, higher voltage version of yourself that can respond more in a more centered, balanced and grounded way because you start trusting yourself and that’s what guidance is all about. it’s not about like you know a crazy voice inside of your head or something that’s crystal clear or whatever, it’s sometimes a little bit blurry and but you know it like you know what the right thing is and you also know when you are blatantly saying i’m not going to do it.

So that is what you need to tune into and listen to as you are trying to fine tune and get in touch with your very normal very every day, very available guidance and seeing the deeper levels of things.

Because guys think about it this way, our spirit, our energy body, our aura, all of those things are much, much larger and greater that our physical body. so why wouldn’t they have things from them that are always available to us and that we can get really connected into.

Why couldn’t and shouldn’t are energetic body, our spiritual nonphysical world be even stronger and greater and more connected in our physical world. Something to think about.