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Why I Don’t Watch TV

Sometimes I feel like the total odd man out because I just don’t watch TV. 

I don’t watch the news much.

I haven’t watched any TV Series in full or in part in years, and I kind of just don’t care anymore. 

And I feel better for it now.

I’m not judging anybody that does watch TV, but I mean and we even had we moved to this house is what I’m thinking about right now.

We moved in.

There was a TV where that cabinet area IS and was like, you know, like why? 

I mean, I don’t use the TV in the regular part of my house, So why do I need one in my bathroom? 

So we took it out.

I could use the space for my stuff far more than for my TV watching in the bathtub? like, I am a tub enjoyer but that’s not something that my life has a whole lot of time for with raising four kids.

So it was gonna be the tub.

I’d like the lighting a candle and putting on some awesome music, not watching the TV, but I guess I just feel like, you know, I’m in my forties, these are the most productive years and the best like earning years and business years for people typically.

And I just feel like, IT WOULD be a waste of valuable time.

And also like, you know, what? If I have the time To relax…myself… or with my kids…or with my husband? 

Yeah, sure. Sometimes we love doing family movie night or something like that, and I do really enjoy that.

I love movies.

I love well produced things.

I love acting.

I love all of that.


Getting involved in something that requires half an hour or an hour a week of my time on a certain day.

And, gosh, if I was going to get into something, I would have to record it and watch it because there’s definitely no time for commercials.

My family laughs at me. And they’re always like, ‘Oh, you know that commercial for whatever!’ And I’m just like.

I have no idea.

They’re like what’s on all the time, and I might have been sitting in the room when they were watching something, but I have this complete obliviousness to advertising.

Like if there’s an ad on, even if I was watching the show.

I will not hear the commercials.

Oddly enough, though, Super Bowl commercials I tune into totally the only time I ever watch commercials enjoying thoroughly on Super Bowl on the time of the year the rest of the year.

Mute ‘EM, fast forward ‘EM,Block ‘EM out, do something else while they’re on. 

Like I go empty the dishwasher, fold A Load of laundry, whatever while the commercials were on.

That is productive time. 

But I guess for me TV just feels, it doesn’t feel meaningful. 

So that’s my reason.

I would love to hear your reasons.

I also don’t feel like it usually aligns with the way that I want to feel.

You know? 

A lot of times TV shows are dark or the news is just dark and brooding and negative, and I certainly have dark, brooding and negative things that happen within me. 

But I do my best to work on those things and not add to them intentionally for any reason at any time. 

So yep, I’m not a big TV watcher who’s with me?