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Empowering professional women to cultivate calm, clarity, and confidence
…so they can enjoy abundant freedom and enjoyment of their work and personal life without Anxiety and Overwhelm.

Discover the leading edge of healing as you transcend trauma & bothersome memories, release limiting beliefs & fears and becoming more of who you want to be in this world faster than you ever imagined!

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Theresa’s personal struggles with trauma, high-functioning anxiety, and ADHD kept her in a holding pattern of dissatisfaction and stress for longer than she likes to admit. Eventually, it led to exhaustion, insomnia, and major difficulty being present in her own life.

All of those negative feelings melted away when she cracked the code to her nervous system, taking responsibility for her own well-being, and elevating her consciousness in ways that truly restored her feelings of calm, clarity, and confidence.

Theresa is an EFT Master Practitioner, Law of Attraction coach, and Energy Strategist. She’s the founder of Becoming More Me where she helps professional women to get out of their own way and resolve their innermost pains, traumas, and challenges so they can fully enjoy their success and present moments.

Using scientifically proven methods to release resistance and leverage perceived weaknesses into superpowers, her clients overcome limiting beliefs and thought patterns, resolve fears, and navigate major work and life challenges with ease.

Theresa is the host of the Becoming More Me Podcast and lives near Washington, DC with her husband, Jeff, and their 4 boys as well as their 2 yellow labs.

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