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Video Marketing Doing Day - Female Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Consultants & Prof. Service Providers

September 29th, 11 AM EST

Let's stop dreaming and start doing!

Join us for a 90-Minute Doing Day where we'll grow our business together and enjoy good conversation, community and coffee too!
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Finding customers has traditionally been hard, time consuming and expensive, am I right? Our market has become savvy and what used to work simply doesn’t anymore. I want to show you some great ways to find your ideal customers and build relationships for FREE and without feeling sleazy or salesy as you engage with them. We call this strategy Social Selling and it’s the focus of this Doing Day!

If you haven’t attended a DOING DAY yet, these are completely free virtual workshops where I share the things that have helped and benefitted my business growth over the years with other Female Entrepreneurs so they can be uplifted in helpful community and resources, too! They are LIVE and during the 90 minutes we’ll spend together, We learn, We engage in topic related conversation and we get specific DOING related to the topic DONE while we’re in the workshop together! It’s personal and each group and topic brings about a unique opportunity to network and grow together!

If you’re a Female Coach, Network Marketer, Consultant, or Professional Service Provider , this Doing Day is for YOU!

To produce the most impactful doing, value packed conversation, networking and community feel, as we work on our businesses together, These are LIVE events, Limited to 30 attendees, and there are no recordings or replays!

So be sure to get registered (seats are limited) and come get some DOING DONE with me at 11 AM EST on Sept 29th!

I’m so excited to help you learn to engage and learn to sell in ways that feel good (not icky!) and attract the right clients for your business so you can serve and love them up with all the goodness you have to offer!


Theresa Lear Levine

EFT Master Practitioner, Energy Coach and Doing Ambassador
Becoming More Me with EFT

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