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Manifesting, Affirmations and Letters to the Universe with Kelsey Aida

Hi, thanks so much for joining us today for this episode of becoming more me.

I am super excited to have Kelsey Aida on the show with me today, and be able to chat with her about all things manifesting, and so forth. This is so my jam.

So for those of you who aren’t familiar with Kelsey, actually the pleasure of being on her podcast just a week or so ago, and she is a self empowerment author, she is an advocate for you know, just really awesome self love and manifestation and loves to help people to own their power and when it life with with all those kinds of things, whether they’re healing or manifesting or affirming things. She’s amazing at all of it. And she’s here to talk to us today. So, welcome to the becoming more meat show today, Kelsey.

Kelsey: Yay, thank you. And I love the name of your show. I just have to start with that. Because it’s not that we really need to change or there’s nothing wrong with you. It’s just the blossoming into your fullest self. So I really love that salute, and I’m happy to be here with you.

It’s it’s what felt right when I first started learning EFT, I felt like that entire process was me becoming more of me. So it kind of bloomed out of that and that phase of my life, but we’re always becoming early. So first, I wanted to say congrats, because I know that your new book just came out this week. Yeah, yesterday. That’s amazing. Can you tell us the title? Because I’m sure I’ll butcher it cuz I don’t have it right here in front. Yeah.

Kelsey: Yeah. It’s called Letters to the universe. And it’s a manifesting journal that I basically created. That was inspired from like, my special manifestation process of like, what I would do whenever I would go to script something or write it into existence, I basically turned it into a journal. And yeah, it’s really fun. 
That is so cool. My copies on the way. I was hoping it would be here by today. Look at it.
Dang it, but almost. That’s all right. I’m sure it’ll come like later this afternoon. Right after we’re done recording.

Yeah, my doorstep when I leave my office from this interview, I’m sure. What got you into manifesting and all of those things originally. Yeah. 

Kelsey: So I suffered from depression for a while, like a couple of years in my late teens, early 20s. And in order to like, climb out of that long, dark black hole, I had to really open my mind to new perspectives. And I had to be willing to change how I approached my life and how I looked at my life.
When I started doing that, I started stumbling upon very beneficial teachers, mentors, courses, lectures, perspectives, books, you name it, I just went into like a self empowerment Deep Dive. And when it was working for me, and I was feeling better, I was like, Wow, I can’t believe I just got better from three years of depression with no medicine, I feel even better than I felt before I started feeling like bad. 

Kelsey: And I felt good before I became depressed. So it was all very confusing experience. But when I started climbing back out and feeling super good, I was like, everybody needs to know these things. Like if everybody had these tools would feel so much better. We could create all of our dreams. And then that just became like, my kind of mission was like to help empower people in the ways that worked for me. So I would experiment, I would try something it would be working, and then I would share and then I wanted to be an author. 

Kelsey: So I started a blog. And then I started writing books and courses, and it has evolved over the years into many, many things. But really, I’m just someone who stands for quality of life. Because I know that without it, you don’t even want to live like it’s that dramatic. Yeah, people think it’s all about surviving. That’s the most important thing is actually not that it’s actually having a quality of life where you can enjoy where you can grow, where you can learn where you can connect, and without mistakes thrive. Exactly thriving matters. So that’s what I’m here to teach. 
And that’s kind of how I got into all of this.

That’s awesome. And it always makes me so sad to think of the massive amounts of people that are just scraping by emotionally or in other ways that just are missing out on the thriving.
Yeah, and sometimes I think we have to go through that to get to the driving because I know like, my depression for me was almost like a catapult into the opposite direction, right? Like the contrast in our lives a lot of times helps to manifest like the opposite of that, which is epic and awesome users hope if you’re going through something really shitty, sorry, I don’t know, if I’m allowed to say, whatever you like. You’re going through something really dark or sad or traumatic. 

Just know that like, you can and will experience the opposite in time, because the universe wants everything to come full circle, which is such an important lesson because nobody’s life stays on the up and up all the time. 

We always have to be ready for when the unexpected, bad, or surprisingly negative thing happens and how we’re going to cope with it. And I think that a lot of the things that you do are really great for helping people to cope and balance bounce back. And I’d love if you would just shed some light on what manifesting can look like what it is for people that I think a lot of people feel like it’s more woowoo than it is in reality, and just kind of shedding some light on that or maybe taking us through an example of what manifesting something really looks like not that I wished for. 

Kelsey: And it came, right. Okay. So basically, we are natural creators, we came to into this body to this earth to this lifetime, because we knew we were going to get our hands dirty and make some shit happen and have a lot of fun and turn our ideas or inventions or desires into reality, right? So we knew this. I know, right? So fun.

 Kelsey: So we came here to play. And we’re manifesting everything all the time, whether we are conscious of it or not, right. So your belief that you suck at math could be causing you to test poorly in math, right? Your, your preference for I don’t know, baked goods could manifest as someone brings some cookies to the party like this is always happening all the time on big and small levels. 

Kelsey: But to manifest consciously and with intention is to basically become aware of your thoughts, your actions, your behaviors, your patterns, in order to align them with where you want to go. Right. So it’s not always just, hey, universe, send me a million dollars, and it just falls in your lap. Right? That’s what a lot of people say will happen. But usually, it’s more like, hey, universe, I want to experience how abundant I can be like, I’m ready, give it to me. 

Kelsey: And then the universe is like, Well, okay, first, why don’t you look at all your limiting beliefs you have around money? Second of all, how about you take action on this million dollar idea that you’ve been sitting on for 10 years. And third of all, I’ll send you all the right people and resources to make that happen. 

Kelsey: And then you know, it builds you build it, you create it. So I think a lot of people don’t resonate with the Whoo, because the action piece is never really mentioned. But you are meant to co create your creations like sometimes in the 3d in in a very physical way. Like, unless you’re ordering pizza, you’re probably not just gonna wish for pizza on your Uber Eats, and then it shows up at your door like anything other than that probably is going to involve you taking some sort of action, even if it’s like, okay, I want to meet my husband. Well, if you never leave your house, or if you don’t get on a dating app, you know, like, I don’t think he’s just gonna show up. So there are definitely ways in which you want to align energetically like with your thoughts, your mindset, your visualizations, your beliefs, but then also, like, action wise, what actions are you going to try or take or change in order to get yourself in that direction?

And that’s where I think some people almost like it, like, ah, like, depressed, like, oh, so manifesting. Isn’t that magical? I got to do enough still. That it’s like, oh, well, it’s just like anything else I’m gonna do. 

It’s like, I got to actually do the thing. But I do think that when you decide to co create with something as big as the universe, then you’ve got something on your side that you don’t have if you’re just going it alone. Would you agree?

 Kelsey: Yes, yes, for sure. I think there’s a hard way to create things and an easier way to create things and I would say like walking a path of consciously manifesting and energetically aligning with what you want is the easier way to make it happen. And when you ask for help, you know, you can receive it whether that’s from God, whether that’s from the universe, whether that’s from your higher self, however you want to like phrase it in your mind. It’s all the same at the end of the day.

Yeah, and I think also people feel like they have to try it with smaller things first before they try it with bigger things. And it yeah used to mine this story, I think it was. It was Jennifer Weigel, who’s an author. I don’t even read any of her books. She has a book called him spiritual, dammit, and several others that are like, I just love her writing style and her in general. But in one of them, she was talking about how she basically manifested this killer parking spot in downtown Chicago, like, like over 100 times, like right when she needed it, like they would always clear out or whatever. 

And then like, one day, she was like, Why have I not been using this to manifest something better than a parking spot? You know, what would you say about people that want to, like, try it on something big, like, I don’t know, like a financial goal or relationship goal or something like that, versus a parking spot or a pizza?

Kelsey: Yeah, I would say don’t make it seem like a bigger thing in your mind. Because energy is energy. It’s not bigger or smaller, like to the universe, the goal does not seem bigger or smaller. It’s just like, this is the end result. You know, and a lot of reasons why I think we have this narrative in the Law of Attraction teaching world of like, try something easier first or something smaller first, is because usually we have less resistance towards having something like a parking space, or a free coffee or lunch with a friend, you know, but then usually the things we’ve been wanting for a long time, if we haven’t figured out how to create those yet, there might be some blockages there, which is why it seems like Well, why is this so much harder to create them like this other thing, and it could just come down to there’s a, there’s a story in your mind about something that happened from the past that is stopping you from taking action or, or stopping your energy from moving in the right direction, or, like you think you want something consciously in your mind. 

Kelsey: But a different part of you inside of you is like no, we actually don’t want that. And you have to like work to get that part of you on board. There’s a lot of different ways resistance can show up. And usually that’s why it’s, quote and quote, harder to manifest the quote and quote, big stuff, because we don’t know what those blockages are. So what I do with my one on one clients, and what I teach in my books, where I talk about manifesting is, like, how can we uncover this resistance, work through it, release it, do whatever we got to do to create amends there, so that all your energy can be flowing in the same direction, because when we have resistance, some of your energy is going towards what you want, but some is going in the opposite direction. And then you have like an energetic stalemate, and you don’t really move to where you want to go.

Yeah, the stuckness, the self sabotage all of that comes and hangs out for way longer than we want it to. And I think one of the biggest resistances that we have, is the resistance to wanting to look at the whole picture. Because, you know, we, when people are thinking about manifesting or affirmations or whatever, they just want to think about the good part of it. And it’s like, they don’t want to acknowledge or they prefer to just gloss over whatever it is that’s sitting in their energy system, eating them up, consciously or unconsciously, and just try to, you know, power through, and you know, make it work, but it just doesn’t. 

Kelsey: Yeah.. this is an important conversation. Because resistance, a lot of times we hear resistance, and we think, Oh, it’s a limiting belief, or like what I just described, like part of me doesn’t want it but a lot of times we’re resisting where we are now, like we’re resisting the reality of our life, which is still resistance, which is still going to eff up your energy, or you are resisting how you really feel and that’s still a form of resistance still, like blocked causing energy blockages if you’re resisting how you feel. 

Kelsey: So it’s it’s confusing, I think for people in the manifesting and Law of Attraction world when they start to learn because you learn, oh, my thoughts lead to things and the more like, great I feel, the better and easier it’s going to be for me to manifest great feeling outcomes. And it leads people to believe that they should never feel bad. You should never feel uncomfortable. You should never feel sad, you should never feel bad, you should never get mad because then you’re gonna manifest from that space and it’s gonna be bad. You’re gonna be a vibrational match to bad things, right? 

Kelsey: That’s what everybody thinks. But the truth is, if that feeling comes up for you authentically, and you’re to law of attraction, nervous to like, embrace it, and let it clear and let it heal on its own, you’re actually going to like suppress it inside of you. And then it truly does become your point of attraction but you don’t even know like that’s going to be pulling things and experiences and people to you because you haven’t healed it released. It cleared it. It’s just like stuck inside. So I think authenticity is key. Feel how you feel because the more authentic you are, the higher your body abrasion is going to be regardless of your, of your authentic truth being positive or quote unquote negative like,
you know, you’ve got to feel it to heal it.

Yes, it’s so dry, say that all the time, you really do have to feel it to heal it. So being in a space of non resistance to your emotional experience is a great place to be when you’re trying to manifest because basically, you can think of resistance as like the ultimate enemy. When it comes to manifesting. I don’t believe in making anything an enemy, but for sake of like, learning. Resistance is the enemy, right? And so non resistance
resistance is the delay or maybe, right, there we go. Better rephrase. But yeah, oh, great teacher, when we come up against those things that have been blocking us, and then we get to see a different way through, then we grow so much.

Yeah, and I know you do that all the time with your clients too, because tapping is a great way to release resistance and work through stuff and he’ll things so that’s, that’s my resistance soapbox, which is why like, when I wrote letters to the universe, and I wrote another book recently, with my publisher called My Pocket Guide to manifestation, they wanted it to be really positive and really uppity. 

And I was like, well, it’s gonna be positive, it’s gonna be good. But like, also, I’m not going to write these books unless you let me talk about resistance, because this needs to be addressed. And I’m going to help people work through it, because that’s actually how you get results. Like when people are doing their vision boards and doing their visualizations and doing their scripting and affirmations and everything. And they’re like, What the eff, I did everything and it’s not working. It’s just because there’s probably some simple form of resistance there that you’re not aware of yet, and you haven’t dealt with yet. That’s why
a holistic approach, right? 
That’s why I like to teach all the sides because they all matter.

Yeah. So I mean, that that acceptance, and everything is a big part of it. And I think part of acceptance is our own acceptance of ourselves and that self love element. And I know you’re into that radical self love. So tell me, how do you help people to cultivate that in in the ways that you like to work?

Kelsey: Yeah, so for me, the radical self love Journey is something that was very essential, personally. And that’s why I began teaching it because I went through some relationship trauma, you know, all the abandonment wounds, all the stuff, and other things in my life where I wasn’t being self loving towards myself. 

Kelsey: And I realized that there was a way where I could love all the parts of me, even the quote, unquote bad ones, even the ugly ones, even the not good ones, without necessarily having to, like, every part of me, because like, a lot of times we confuse the word love and like, right, like, you’ll say, I love pizza. But that doesn’t mean you actually love pizza, it means you really, really, really, really, really like pizza, right? It’s not the same as like loving yourself, right? I believe, the true definition of love to be taking someone or something as a part of yourself. So if I love my crystal that I have here on my desk, this is my crystal, I think of it as a part of myself, therefore, I can do no harm to my crystal without hurting myself, right? It’s like, when you love your kids, like you can’t do anything wrong to them on purpose, because then I would hurt you because like, their feelings are your feelings in a sense, like they are a part of you, right? You take positive ownership of them. 

Kelsey: Same way, like a man would take positive ownership of his car or something like that. Like he really loves this guy, right? So what I teach, and what I call radical self love is taking positive ownership of all the parts of you, your inner critic, your anxiety, your unwillingness to change your self sabotaging nature, we can get to a place of loving all of those things, without necessarily having to like love what what they the detrimental parts that they bring to your life. But when you get to their pure positive intention, which they always have, because you cannot be against yourself, you realize, oh my gosh, my anxiety is just trying to prepare me so that nothing bad happens. 

Kelsey: That’s so nice. Oh my gosh, my inner critic is just trying to help me get to the highest level of who I can be, oh my gosh, my self sabotaging nature is just trying to protect me from being heartbroken. Like when you get to the root of what these parts of you are trying to do, when they became a part of you what they truly want for you. You actually can’t not love them because they’re, in essence, like good and always trying to help even if they don’t know how to in the best way yet. 

Kelsey: So a lot of my work with clients and work that I do in my radical self love retreats is a lot of parts work where we’ll dive into the perspectives of these parts that we don’t necessarily like so much. And we just naturally start to love them from understanding them having compassion for them. So that’s like a big facet of it. But really like, ultimately, at the end of the day, I just believe that people who love themselves first and foremost care about how they feel, right. So that’s where the emotional healing comes in. 

Kelsey: So you can feel better in your life, you can feel good majority of the time, we’re not asking for 100% because that is not a self loving expectation, right? It’s not possible if you’re a person. So radical self love has a lot to do with loving these different parts, healing our emotions in a long term way, learning how to support ourselves through the hard stuff. And just really living your life by the question of like, What would someone who loves themselves do? And then making choices based on that?

That’s great. And do you like to use affirmations as part of that process of building that up?
Yes. So obviously, the the biggest one is, I love you. And I’m giving that medicine to yourself when you need it. Nice.

Simple. I know, that’s why you’re laugh but like, even just like looking at yourself in the eye in the mirror and saying that can be so
hard for people. Yeah. And sometimes when I
do love that pizza more than they love the routes,

Kelsey: right? It’s true. Yeah, it’s true. It’s sad, but true.
 But also like I understand pizza Great. Yeah, love yourself. Yeah, to love yourself. And like a lot of people have resistance to that because they don’t love themselves. Right. They might be in a, a coping mechanism, loop pattern where they hate themselves to try and motivate themselves to be better. So if that’s the case, you don’t like the affirmation I love you. You can soften it to I’m willing to learn how to love myself, I want to love myself more. I’m it’s my intention to understand myself better. I want to have more self compassion. I’m willing to see myself differently. 
There’s so many variations that will get you there
where the door gets you a little good can come through.

Kelsey: Yes, opens up the door. I love that phrase. I wish I would have used that in my first book. Because my first book The one with my picture right here, hashtag actually I can. It’s all about, like reworking affirmations. So they’re authentic, and they open the door, right? We don’t have to jump the Grand Canyon and be like, I hate myself too. I love myself in five seconds, we can just go from okay, I’m not happy about myself or with myself or whatever. But I want to be I’m open to being I’m willing to being I’m going to work towards that that feels more empowering to someone who can’t get to the I love you right away. 
Because what happens when we try to use affirmations that don’t feel right in the moment or they make us feel fraudulent or inauthentic is they actually do more harm than good. So it’s better to soften them and rework them and fix the wording so that it feels good to you in that moment, wherever you are.
I totally agree. Because I think some people jump to the affirmations before they do the necessary work or step. Yeah, and it can be ugly, or it can just make them completely shut down. And not Yeah, do the work.
I think it can cause people to get discouraged when they go too far ahead, like, Well, I’m a millionaire. I’m just gonna say that to myself five times a day in the mirror every day until that happens. And then they’re like, Okay, I’m still not a millionaire. Okay, actually, I’m broke. Okay, I feel like a liar. But instead, yeah, no, we can, we can definitely work with that rework that soften that and go from there. So it’s more authentic and empowering and like a really true way.

Absolutely. I love that. I think that’s super duper important in a world where like, it’s so easy to get a deck of affirmation type cards or something and feel like you’re supposed to feel it. All right, then you’re like, I don’t? What’s going on here?

Kelsey: Yeah. That’s why in my books, my first two books, they’re all like affirmation oriented. I always say like, go with the ones that resonate with you in the moment. Like if it’s, if you’re not feeling that one today, that’s fine. Leave it for another day. Try it on later. Like, I always think of affirmations as perspectives, right? So like, hopefully, it’s a beneficial perspective that you’re taking on. And I always think of perspectives as like outfits. So what outfit do I want to try on today? How does it feel on my skin today? Like every day is different, you know, like, how do I feel like I look in this how do I feel when I wear this? How do I feel when I say this affirmation or when I think of myself through this lens, and just experimenting, playing
around when I get off wear some pants, you know? And that was Yeah, then when
those perspectives feels aligned, then what would you do next? Would you like lean into that with like, asking for a sign or what would you what would you do next to keep the keep it coming basically?

Kelsey: Yeah, yeah, that’s a great question. I feel like when affirmation is aligned, I would just like to bathe in the juiciness of that for a moment to just like really take it in or make it like your mantra for the day or the week or the month or the year. Like, let’s say, you find an affirmation that feels really good. And it’s, let’s think of an example. Like, I’m a badass creator. Like, if that feels really good and juicy and powerful to you, like, you can meditate on that you can just sit with it energetically, and like really embodied that badass, manifesting energy, and just walk around all day in that space, having that glow, having that aura for the affirmation, or I like to work with affirmations in ways we’re all write them down, and I’ll just be on a roll, like, Oh, if I’m a badass manifester, then I’m also this and this and this and this and this and then I’ll just go into it like how epic I am, right? 
You’re in that flow, you’re feeling the vibe, or something fun I really like to do is to meditate on different affirmations in the morning. And I’ll start with like one and then I’ll just keep, just keep it rolling.
 So with each inhale, you’ll say an affirmation. And with each exhale, you’ll say an affirmation. And you challenge yourself to like, not repeat them. 
So I’d be like breathing in. I’m feeling like I could be more relaxed in the next few moments. Breathing out, I’m feeling excited to feel relaxed, breathing in, I’m becoming relaxed, breathing out, this is great breathing in today is gonna be a good day breathing out, I’m here for it. You know, just like that talk track through your head as you breathe in and out and go slowly, to just kind of hype yourself up is a fun way to work with affirmations. And then I’m like, big sticky note person. 

So I’m always like sticking them around everywhere.

Awesome. I know it’s everywhere to do you see a difference in the effectiveness of things that you’re doing to manifest or things that you’re trying to affirm whether you write them down, type them voice them any depression, I think it depends on the person. But I do believe that writing thing, but things by hand is more powerful than typing them. But sometimes it’s helpful to like have it in your notes on your phone or something so you can keep re looking at it. But I think handwriting is always a powerful thing. And so is speaking so if I was going to look at the three of like typing, writing, speaking, I would vote like writing and speaking would be more effective, but not high.

It’s been my personal practice for like over half a dozen years. And it’s something that I usually require clients do when I start working with them and like a long term scenario, to create a series of visualizations, affirmations, goals, kind of all like written, but then to speak it passionately into a voice recorder or whatever, and start everyday listening to it. 
And to also have that written version where you can I mean, if you want to read it live and out loud, you can you know, have it in your bathroom, look in the mirror while you’re reading it or whatever, but I like to actually listen to it while I’m looking at myself in the mirror. So I don’t have to be thinking about it. But I’m like hearing the hearing the things that I want to plug into my subconscious and my conscious this and, and just plugging it all in first thing in the morning, kind of like fill in the tank, you know? So yeah, that’s epic. I like that process. And like for me to, I like to think of speaking things into existence and like affirming myself to greatness as a thing to do also in conversation with others. 
So like, if someone’s like, oh, what’s new with you, or whatever, you can be like, oh, like, I’m working on becoming a best selling author or I’m in the process of like releasing this stuff or like if I want to say that let’s say honestly something like more negative about well, not negative, but like quote unquote negative about myself. I’ll be like, Oh, I used to in the past like believe that like the past could be up until this one second right now but it was in the past. That’s how I used to feel that’s how I used to think about it in the past I would have died then you allow yourself the opportunity to make this moment very new. Yeah, open up that doorway.

I think I love it even more when the past is like now pretty much.
Exactly the past like right now. And then the past is right now and right now. Yeah,
absolutely. I think that’s powerful. 
He was really like making a choice in the moment to perceive and to do and believe things differently. And that’s, that’s really big. So what are people going to learn when they get your new book? And what are they doing as they go through? So is and journal and so forth?

Kelsey: Yeah, so letters to the universe. They’re gonna learn a little bit about resistance, a lot about manifesting. 
There’s kind of like a couple small chapters in the beginning to get you in the right frame of mind my personal manifestation do’s and don’ts, tips when to work with this book, when not to yada yada and then there’s Special like brainstorming process that I used to take myself through and I take clients through and I written it in the book that has just some really like big hitting questions to ask yourself before you write your letter to the universe. 
So before you place your cosmic order, before you go into hardcore manifestation mode of like dreaming and all up, how can you just get to know why you want what you want better? How can you see where there might be some blockages that we can clear right now with a couple of questions. So there’s eight brainstorming questions. And then there’s, that are like, fill in the blank type questions. 
And then there’s an actual blank letter to the universe that you get to fill in with your desires. And you can write it out in the first person present tense and take yourself there in your mind as if it’s already happening. Or if that feels too fake. You can, you know, be like, hey, universe, I’m really excited to experience this. I can’t wait to meet so and so I’m really looking forward to yada yada because it’ll still get you in the, in the energy of it, even though a lot of teachers would be like, never say you want something because that’s gonna keep you stuck in the energy of wanting and it’s like, no, it’s not it’s really not. 
That’s a very limited perspective. If it gets you excited, if it gets you optimistic, and it gets you like, pumped up about that vision. It’s it’s doing its job. Okay, whether or not Yeah, I love the idea of talking to the universe, like it’s your best friend kind of thing. Yeah, I’ve done that on many occasions.
Oftentimes when the things that I’m wanting to make happen manifest receive however you’re looking at it are things that just the people I don’t normally talk to just wouldn’t understand anyway. And sometimes it feels like the universe is the only one that does.
Ours is very understanding because it knows all things in existence because it is all things in existence. So I do like to play around with it in that friendly way to like, I’m super like casual and like very home homey. 
Like with my universe, I’ll be like, hey, universe, this is what’s up. This is what are creating Thanks in advance for helping like it happened super stoked on this, you know, like, because at the end of the day, like, life is relationships, I have a relationship with this crystal on my desk, I have a relationship with you, I have a relationship with my boyfriend, I have a relationship with my job, I have a relationship with my car, I have a relationship with God aka or if you want to call the universe, like I have relationships to my house plants, whether it’s alive, real, not real video game, real life, like everything is you relating right? And relationships and mastering relationships is really going to lend to your quality of life. 
And I think if you are a deliberate creator, and you like to manifest things, your relationship with the universe could be benefited by having a good one. So absolute journal will definitely help people to improve their relationship with the universe and also improve their relationship with desire, and their own dreams and our own personal desires. Because I think sometimes we pick up programming along the way that’s like, desire is bad, and desire is the root of all suffering, and it’s not okay for you to want that. And that’s never gonna happen for you in blah, blah, blah, which leads you to feel it’s not safe to want things because they might not happen. So just don’t want them. Yeah. Or it’s not safe to want things because they might have been no, no, like, what that reality is like, so that’s where, you know, after that happens, yeah, yeah.
 And I know you’re talking about like improving your relationship with the universe. But do you think it’s even possible to have a bad relationship with the universe? Like, I mean, people isn’t people say, like, oh, the universe hates me, this happens. 
And I guess I don’t feel like it ever wants anything bad for anybody. So yeah, what’s your opinion? So my take on that when you ask the question is, I think your relationship with the universe can be bad in the sense that like, you don’t like it or you’re mad at it, or you hate your life or you think you’re being punished or whatever, whatever, like on your end, but I think that you’re right in saying that the universe doesn’t want bad things for you, and it’s never out to get you and it’s not trying to punish you even when it feels like that. Like it’s always on your side because you are a part of the universe. You are the universe. You’re not the whole universe as one individual
But you are a speck of the universe, right? You’re a part of it. So how could the universe want something different than you? If you are it? Yeah, it’s done in such a good way that is so often forgotten, as I think people think it’s like a ping pong back and forth. 
But some of that is, it’s just within us. Because we, because we feel that we are separate from it when we are it. We’re just like, in this conversation, we’re playing around with perspectives, right? So we say I’m writing a letter to the universe, but it’s not actually like that, because you are the universe, right? Yeah, I actually saw a picture on my wall. 
And I’m looking at right now that is like the silhouette of a woman and almost like a yoga position. And she’s full of like, stars and things and it says, feel the universe inside of you. And yeah, because I mean, if you think, yeah, if you think about the universe, it’s all the energy that makes up everything. It’s all the planets, it’s all the Star Dust, it’s the cosmos is the table, the periodic table of elements, like all of that stuff is what makes you so why are you a separate thing that is not part of the universe? That doesn’t make any sense.
So yeah, can you explain how everything has benefited like the universe and your own things and everything else when you succeeded the things that you’re trying to manifest? Yes. And I explained this, I don’t remember if I wrote this in letters to the universe, or the other one, because I wrote them at the same time. So it’s all very combat related in my mind. But somewhere in this book, or my Pocket Guide to manifestation, I wrote a whole chapter on why the universe wants what you want, because You are the universe, but also, like, it benefits the universe for you to get what you want. 
Therefore, the universe wants you to get what you want, because desire is the vehicle for expansion. us having ideas and desires is the way that the universe expands outward in all direction and new creations are made and new ideas are birthed and new ways of being come to humanity like this is all from our desire, right?
 Somebody had the desire to create a lightbulbs, somebody had the desire to make an airplane, somebody had the desire to make a baby, like these desires are not something that you should be ashamed of pulled back from, because you are adding to the ever unfolding and expansion of the universe in all of those cases, except the baby which I don’t know really a way to improve upon that.

In most of those cases, like the lightbulb has had all sorts of reinvention and like growth in what it’s been able to be airplay. And, you know, there’s just all sorts of increases in what’s been able to be manifested and achieved because that original first goal was, yes. And to add on to that, our desires are not only our desires alone, like our desires match up with other desires. So for example, my desire to write these books matches up with the desire of people to learn this exact information in this exact way. So I would be doing them a disservice of not following my heart, right? 
Or like your desire to have a child matches up with that souls desire to come into the world. If you’re squashing that you’re saying, Nope, you don’t have to come into the world through me, like who are you to say that if that’s your genuine desire, you know, right. So I think it’s very bad idea to squash your genuine desires. And I think it’s a very good idea to allow the expansion of the universe to unfold through you, via your desires. And when you can achieve or manifest that desire. 
That’s good, because then it opens up space for more, right? So if you want to manifest a million dollars, the universe is like, yes, I want you to have that million dollars, because then you get it and you’re like, Okay, now I want 100,000 million, or whatever the universe is like, Okay, let’s do that. Next, like, this is how the universe expands. So if you are like, denying and disowning your desires, you’re just resisting your own nature of expansion and growth. Amen to that. And that’s, I mean, you’re gonna be helping people with that so much through your book and everything, but just working through all of that, and I’m excited to work through it myself. And if people want to, you know, hear hear more of what you have to say, read your books or learn more about Mount Kelsey, where can they go? 

Where would you like to send them? Yeah, so I’ll send everyone to Kelsey Because that’s my website where you can find everything but I would recommend whatever podcast platform you’re listening on, go check out our other episode on their high vibe net. I think it was 128 or 129. Where we had you on but high vibe in it is where you can hear myself and my co host, Lindsey who I know you’re also gonna have on your show, and we have a show there every week that you guys will love if you love this podcast. Absolutely. Great podcast, guys. Go listen to it. Yeah, and then my books you can just search for Kelsey Aida like anywhere where books are sold, and you’ll find all the books that I’ve written. And yeah, if you want to come to the retreat or anything like that, that’s all at Awesome. I’m so very grateful for the time that you’ve spent pouring into our listeners today and sharing about manifesting and affirmations and so much more. 

There’s a lot of fun for me, I hope it was for you. We do I love doing collaborations like this. And I love when I get on a rant and I get all fired up and pumped. And I talk about universal stuff. It’s so fun. It’s so important. It’s so important and it it just ties into every area of our life. So I’m so grateful that you shared about it more for us today. Thanks. Thanks for letting me by. All right, bye.